Parly owes MPs 9 months allowances

Joseph Chinotimba

MPs yesterday claimed they had gone for nine months without getting their sitting allowances, which are pegged at $75 per every sitting.


They said Parliament had also been erratic in terms of giving them their fuel allowances.

A number of legislators based in rural constituencies who spoke to NewsDay said they had now resorted to using personal funds to enable them to attend Parliament sittings as government was struggling to fund them.

Zanu PF chief whip Jorum Gumbo confirmed the development, but he blamed the problems on the economic malaise the country was in.

“I know that most MPs are in arrears in terms of allowances and fuel coupons, as well as other benefits. But, this is not peculiar to us as there are many State institutions that are faced with the same economic challenges,” Gumbo said.

“I don’t know the exact months which are in arrears because it is only known by the accounts department which is purely administrative. I also do not know the exact months which they were not paid the allowances. What I know is that MPs are owed substantial amounts in allowances and coupons,” he said.

One of the Zanu PF MPs from a rural Matabeleland constituency who spoke on condition of anonymity said he was struggling to finance his trips to Harare to attend Parliament sittings.

He said he had resorted to giving passengers lifts whenever he travelled to Harare to attend Parliament sittings in order to raise fuel money.

“If I carry six to eight people from Bulawayo to Harare, at least I will be able to get something for fuel and airtime to call back home. It’s not easy to be an MP especially when there are no resources to use,” said the lawmaker.

Joseph Chinotimba

Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba said he had not received much from Parliament in the form of personal allowances or from the Constituency Development Fund, but he always visited his rural constituency using his personal resources.

“I always strive to be with my people and I do all I can to assist. If you tell the voters that you have not been paid they will not listen. So, it’s up to you as an MP to look for ways to help your constituents than to wait for Parliament money. I initiate various projects in the constituency although it is very difficult,” Chinotimba said.

MPs receive a monthly salary of approximately $1 800. In addition they get $75 for every Parliamentary sitting they attend and fuel coupons for their travelling expenses.

Gumbo said all the MPs are up to date in terms of payment of their salaries, but were in arrears with regards to allowances.

Clerk of Parliament Kennedy Chokuda confirmed that the institution owed MPs fuel coupons for last year.

“None of them is owed anything in terms of allowances because the money will go towards settling the debts they incurred when they got vehicles. But, we acknowledge that we owe them fuel coupons for last year. We have since made arrangements on how to pay them for the fuel coupons owed,” Chokuda said.


    • No reason to resign. Salaries should just be pegged at a given specific viable level. The issue of sitting allowances is manipulated by the Executive and the administration of Parliament through restricting the number of sitting days per week per month and per year so that no sitting allowances accrue to MPs. At the same time MPs are made to acquire vehicles that have been chosen for them instead of each one choosing a car that they want and saving something for their constituencies and themselves. Because of restricted sittings very few laws are passed by Parliament each session and the process of aligning the new Constitution with more than 450 existing laws may never be completed by 2018. Not even by 2023 at the present rate.

  1. The best way is to pay as they walk out after end of business so that the absent do not get paid for not attending parliament

  2. MPs should be made to sit consistently, five days a week, four weeks per month so that they can effectively deal with the backlog of outstanding alignment work. Restrictions on the number of sittings currently being effected by the administration of Parliament and the Executive should be done away with, otherwise the alignment process will take more than ten years to finish off. Allowances should just be done away with, replaced by high enough salary levels that would allow legislators to sit for five or six days a week to do what they are elected for. The Executive and administration of Parliament should give each MP their money to buy vehicles of own choice, not to arrange mass vehicle acquisition programmes that smell of possible corruption. Parliament is not a school where everyone should have same colour same quality uniform.

  3. It is very good for MP to go without allowances for months, I wish it could go on for years. It helps them to discuss the economic situation seriously. How many teachers are going home without salaries for months, not allowances. Those teachers are humans doing better jobs than these MP’s .They have children to look after ,yet no one has been voicing concern about. MP’s have try and reflect on their duties has citizen whom are they trying to please. If they are serving the people allowances its not an issue but how improve the economic situation for good of everyone.

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  5. They passed the RBZ debt assumption bill, i.e. for government to assume the debts of the RBZ. They should also assume Parliament’s debt. Where do they want the Parliament to get the money?

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