Netizens react to the State of the Nation Address


President Robert Mugabe delivered a short State of the Nation address which mainly alluded to ZimAsset.Most Zimbabweans indicated that they were disappointed by the address by the President and these are some of their reactions.





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Some netizens quickly jumped to the President’s defence:

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  1. just as Micheal responded I am amazed that any body able to get paid $4334 in 4 weeks on the internet
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  2. Mugabe should actually thank Zimbaz for not is the people who are keeping calm in very trying those bellicose securoctras!!

  3. what are those Christians saying defending an evil man who has made is people suffer and even killed so many people
    Wake up…do you have a job?
    I am sure not…thinking Devine intervention will help you….forget

  4. What i find suprising is not the failure of a bull to produce milk, but rather the foolishness of those who thought the bull will produce milk. For anybody to surely think that Mugabe and the current Zanu pf government will revive the ailing economy is as good as believing that pure diesel is oozing out of a rock.

  5. dai makatarisa manyariro aiita vakuru vangavakagara pafront kudivi remamp ezanu vaishaya kuti
    vopindapai tuya tumamp twezanu twaiva twoimba kwaiva kutanda nyadzi kuimbira dumbu. apatateguru vakanyadzisa chete kamba yenyira adeitakura .tarisai anamutasa gumbo mliswa namhamha dacha pwaa vakanyihwa.

  6. Its high time the Opposition parties united to lead a powerfull revolution, for how long shall we sit and watch Mugabe and his thugz killing our nation? We starve yet his thugz wine and dine, then later go live on national Tv to shit on us… Lets come together my fellow Zimbabweans to fight the devil who has robbed us of our freedom and hapiness, think of our children…what will be of them if Zimbabwe continues in this direction? A Revolution has to be ignited, lets rise my fellow Zimboz, fear is the lock on the chains of a slave..lets overcome that fear and rise against this beast and his incanates, we don’t need guns and knives..but a million man down and a National address by our Opposition me this will get the ball rolling and when they attack us, we now have social media and technology to show the whole world what a beast the man who claims to be a Liberation Icon in Africa is

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