Minister tells investors to take advantage of job cuts

Mike Bimha

GOVERNMENT has urged South African investors to take advantage of opportunities which have been made available
due to company closures and the economic challenges that Zimbabwe is going through.

Tarisai Mandizha

Mike Bimha
Minister of Industry and Commerce Mike Bimha

Addressing a South Africa trade mission team, Industry and Commerce minister Mike Bimha said although the
country was going through challenges, there were companies like cement manufacturers PPC which were thriving.

“I, therefore, take my hat off to companies like Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC) who still see the light. I encourage all investors to take advantage of the opportunities made available by company closures and operational challenges due to economic challenges in the country,” Bimha said.

“I urge South African investors to come and take a leaf from PPC and come to invest in Zimbabwe. Despite what
has been said by foreign media, Zimbabwe remains open to investment from abroad. As, therefore, you have seen, our country remains open for investment.”

Bimha said there was urgent need for investment in the construction of dams, highways and bridges, among others,
adding that the investment by PPC would go a long way to support development in the country.

PPC, a South African company, is in the process of building a new plant in Harare worth $86,1 million and has a
capacity to produce 100 tonnes of cement per hour, making 780 000 tonnes per year.

PPC project leader Craig Belstead said the group was now at the stage of ramping up the civil constructions and
that all the foundation works were now in place. He said the new plant would be commissioned in September 2016.

The trade mission also toured Shamva Mine, a subsidiary of Zimbabwe’s largest gold mining group Metallon

A thought leadership dialogue will be held on Thursday at Cresta Lodge in Harare where Bimha, Tourism minister Walter Mzembi and Mines deputy minister Fred Moyo will address the trade mission.

The visit by the South African trade mission is a follow-up to the Zimbabwe Trade and Investment Forum hosted in
Johannesburg last month by the Zimbabwean Embassy in South Africa, the Mail&Guardian Africa and South Africa’s
Department of Trade and Industry.

Mail&Guardian Africa and government organised the three-day trade mission which ends today.


  1. Fire employees, push the legislation through to make it “legal”, use this as a trump card to get investors in. Wait with bated breath – voila! panacea to all the country’s problems!!

    Remove the barriers to investment, stupid unworkable policies will not help this country. Do these ZPF people understand this?

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  2. 2.2 million jobs. i hope these stupid voters will now see the light. even these zanu students who have been fed into colleges will see that they have no future in their party.

  3. This is a sick joke Who would in his sane mentality want to invest in a country with insensitive labour laws like Zimbabwe Given the erratic stance of the government they will start changing goal posts once the companies have invested Forewarned is prewarned, stay out!!! We urge all professionals to go and work in the diaspora since the government doesnt want to employ its own people Let expats come and work here with these sham people and their selfish labour laws

  4. I used to think Zimbabwe boats of educated idiots, no now I know its is Zanupf which boast of educated idiots. So firing workers has become an investment puller.

  5. So, Bimha is trying to say that ONLY South African companies are immune to challenges facing Zimbabwean companies? It does not make sense as long as the policies are not revised. I really dont know whether our beloved country is cursed or not.

    • Our unrepented sin has cursed us. Nothing in Zimbabwe has the stamp of God’s blessing on it except for some Godly individuals or companies. What fruit do we see???? The fruit of our sin: a curse. We cannot even feed ourselves!

  6. We have the most heartless government every. They just can’t see that they are the problem: they should fire themselves. That would be the honourable thing to do. Dissolve government and put in place a 3 year team to dig us out of the mess ZPF have created. One of my friends, an older man, has told me that in his rural area sits a man who has sat for 15 years and been paid as a civil servant. There are hundreds of thousands of them: ghost workers paid to sit on their backsides and vote ZPF. I am disgusted! God is watching!

  7. I do not see where he says come and take advantage of job cuts. How I get it though is that he is saying come and invest and create employment. Maybe I am daft, educate me. I don’t support ZPF though!

  8. I am proudly Zimbabwean but a realist. No investor worth their salt will invest in a mishmash environment where policies are changed like underwear and security of tenure is a term which is not part of our government’s vocabulary even for me a citizen. So this is a call in futility.

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