ICAZ goes global

THE Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (ICAZ) says it has a vision to grow beyond Zimbabwe with its brand going global, chief executive officer Matts Kunaka has said.


ICAZ is a statutory body incorporated in terms of the Chartered Accountants Act which aims to contribute to the financial and economic infrastructure of Zimbabwe by providing accountancy training and education for both its students and members.


ICAZ is a membership-based body that relies to a large extent on subscriptions.

The organisation currently has 1 800 members.
Kunaka told delegates at the ICAZ winter school in Dubai recently that he had a vision for ICAZ which goes beyond Zimbabwe. ICAZ has four chapters.

“Students in China will be writing ICAZ exams, so we will go global,” he said.

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Kunaka said there were a number of things which should be looked into which include the training of students and the rewriting of all the exams if one fails one or more.

“At the moment it takes longer to train chartered accountants than it takes to train a medical doctor. In England and Wales when students write exams, they keep what they have passed and re-write what they failed.

“In Zimbabwe if a student fails, he or she writes all exams,” he said.

According to ICAZ annual report 2015, to date the institute has trained over 7 000 students since it opened its doors in 1920.
Kunaka said the institute would continue to give input to the Finance minister to ensure chartered accountants’ views were solicited in budget formulation.

He added that ICAZ was working on plans to mobilise resources from Diasporans to invest in Zimbabwe.

“We want to mobilise funds to invest in Zimbabwe and in the next five years to be able to come to Dubai to review how much investment has been made,” He said.

The Institute of Chartered Accountant of England and Wales Middle East Office regional director Mike Armstrong said the overall strategy to grow globally was to support other regional offices.

“The office provides support to more than 1 200 members and students, and works closely with governments, regulators, key stakeholders and other professional bodies,” Armstrong said.

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