VPs consult me: Grace

VICE-PRESIDENTS Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko take notes each time they meet First Lady Grace Mugabe, in sharp contrast to ousted Joice Mujuru, President Robert Mugabe’s wife revealed yesterday.


Grace told thousands of people at the commission of a housing project in Kadoma that she met the two VPs regularly, in an admission that would rekindle debate that she was directing government business.

Mnangagwa and Mphoko — who were elevated last December after the President’s 49 year-old wife led a successful campaign to oust Mujuru, accusing her of plotting against her husband — attended the Kadoma event.

“I am seeing that the calibre of the Vice-Presidents is now different. They are different in that just in the few months they have been in power I have lost count of the times that I have sat down with them one-on-one to talk about the development of Zimbabwe,” she said.

“This is the leadership that we want, servant leaders who know that they are there to work for the people and that they should sit down with the mother (First Lady) to discuss issues.”

The event was also attended by several Cabinet ministers, who skipped a question and answer session in the National Assembly.
Grace, who stormed into the political limelight last year following her election as Zanu PF secretary for women’s affairs, was now believed to be the brains behind most decisions in Zanu PF and government announced by her 91-year-old husband.
She does not hold any government post yet.

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  1. And you expect this country to move forward if 60 years olds get advise from a babe. Margret Dongo was right so we are now being told they are junior wives.

  2. Some say, “Heee Ngwena The Crocodile, Hee….” this is all bullshit and bootliking. They are all afraid of Mugabe and his wife. Why afraid of another man like you to such extend. Vese vanopeteswa muswe, Inga tiri pama1. So no one can raise their finger gainst that man. Until when?

  3. Nhai Grace, uri mai vani chokwadi? Such arrogance, can you not see that these two are just bootlicking that you may feel that the nonsense you are spewing will be considered? You have just given ammunition to Mrs Mujuru’s camp that she is a real leader with ‘balls’ who knows that your place is nothing more than State house kitchen and to make the Presudent’s photos look pretty, nothing more. You should surely fire your speech writers for they are doing a good job making sure you put your foot in your mouth each time you attempt to play the orator. Hope you even know what that means.

  4. Manje amai vanokuurayayi neBp

  5. true mugabe has many wives. some of them putting trousers. thanks margret.

  6. grace is okay these people were elected by her at state house not at the congress so they have to share notes with her MUGABE WANT TO LEAVE THEY REFUSED in 2008 grace rule them

    1. You are sooo right, sacarstic but hard-hitting. “They were elected by Grace at State House and they should play the ball according to their electorate…” Pfi pfi pfi. They will say it’s loyalty blah blah.. Oh my goal-poaching Liverpool foot!!

  7. michael Dhlegdu

    So they report

  8. So if Mugabe has all cabinet ministers as his wives why does he froth at the mouth about piggy gays and doggy homos?

  9. Mr.Editor
    the names of all pple commenting on your stories are blocked and obscured by your REPLY / REPORT COMMENT lebles. its irritating to read a comment whose author is faceless and nameless. please correct that.

    1. DATYA !!!udakuziva ani zimbenzi

    2. Woda kudii nemazita evenhu ko iwe mu cio?

  10. grace put them there so its natural they REPORT to her

  11. Thank you Grace for reminding us of the new ZANU PF dynamic. Previous VPs ignored you for the appendage that you were, when your husband was on the agile side of 60, or even of 70 and you spent your time shopping and, well, doing all those other things we heard about.

    The new VPs recognize that with your partner’s advancing senility, you have moved in to protect your interests by occupying the leadership vacuum created by his diminishing capacities.

  12. goodchildgonebad


  13. Leadership is sexually transmitted

  14. Kwanzi Ngwena wat wat rume rino nanzviswa mhat* naFake Doc. Apa P Mboko akatopinda muchirongwa chekunanzva gosho. Kwakuti tine vatungamiriri ndoo p#ssy. Mai Mujuru vaizviramba izvi

  15. If its true that these two VPs are taking notes from this lady i doudt if there is something in their upstairs. Mai Mujuru was a real VP. I know this guys would be pretending as writing something then throw the papers like tissues.

  16. Grace and Bob have one thing in common they are all power hungry and they foolishly think that they are going to rule this country forever. How come a real VP consults a carlibre of Mugabes wife what development does she know? Is chasing poor people from Manzou farm description of development

  17. The likes yana samaita nana uncle tonde tsvagai mabasa kwete kuswera kucommenta zvaitwa napresident venyu. He deserves some respect.
    He fought for who and what you are now.

    Zimbabwe is not that poor. The west induced economic hardships are meant to force people to vote out a certain leader i.e regime change.

    Sadly most of you´do not know this, PAFUNGE.


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