Marondera cop fined $250 for bashing wife, obstructing justice

A POLICE officer based in Marondera has been fined $250 for striking his wife with a wooden stick and obstructing the course of justice after his colleagues tried to arrest him.

by Jairos Saunyama

Synod Shoko (26), who is a member of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) based at Marondera Police Station, was convicted on both charges after he was taken to court by his colleagues and wife Prudence Kanhiwa (21) last Friday.

Marondera magistrate Paul Mudonhi ordered him to pay a $100 fine for domestic violence or face one month imprisonment if he failed to raise the amount.

Shoko was also sentenced to a wholly-suspended three-month jail term for the offence.

On the second charge of obstructing the course of justice, Shoko was ordered to pay a fine of $150 or face a month imprisonment.

The court heard that sometime early this month, Shoko lost his temper after he was served with maintenance summons by a police officer and initially vented his anger on his wife.

When Kanhiwa filed a domestic violence charge against him, Shoko turned against the investigating officer identified as Sergeant Dokotera and threatened to stab him before running away.

However, members of the Police Support Unit later pursued and apprehended him.

Courage Chakawa prosecuted.

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