‘Zanu PF declares Zimbabwe its territory’

Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere (L) chats with Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa (R) during a party rally in Dzivarasekwa on Saturday.

ZANU PF has declared Zimbabwe “a Zanu PF territory”, insisting that come 2018, the party would reclaim all the seats from the opposition MDC-T.


This followed the Wednesday by-election victory that saw the party taking all 16 contested seats.

The elections have been described by the main opposition parties as a sham and a victory for MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s calls for supporters to boycott.

Zanu PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere said the focus was now on development and ensuring the promises from the party were fulfilled.

“Zimbabwe is a Zanu PF territory and this victory was certain. Our focus now is to take all the seats which are in the wrong hands in 2018. Our focus is now to develop the country and work on the economy for the good of the people,” Kasukuwere said.

Meanwhile, Mutare businessman and Zanu PF central committee member Esau Mupfumi, who romped to victory in the Dangamvura-Chikanga constituency, said he was aiming to unite people in his constituency.

Mupfumi defeated seven other candidates after amassing 6 376 votes while his nearest rival, Fugamai Mawire of the National Constitutional Assembly, garnered 1 003 votes.

Mupfumi said he hoped to improve the lives of impoverished people in the constituency.

“I am now the servant of Dangamvura-Chikanga constituency. I am going to work for people in my constituency. I am going to ensure that everyone has water and electricity,” he said.

“I am also going to deal with the issue of double allocation of stands and I am not happy with the issue. I will also be working very hard to unite people in my constituency even from other parties, they should come and join my party.”

The Dangamvura-Chikanga constituency experiences serious water shortages and most of the roads in the area are in a poor state.

A $10 million water reservoir tank that was commissioned by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Chikanga early this year is still to become operational.


  1. Kasukwere is an ambitious young man living in dreamland. Nothing can reverse Mugabes advanced age & Zim is much bigger than zanupf

  2. Yaa they have won zvavo asi there is need for them to convince the masses to believe in them.Coz the number of voters in most constituancies will make someone believe kuti these must have been party primary elections.Kumhanya kujecha chaimo.Asi gore rino…tichadzidza zvakawanda

  3. solve the economic crisis not concentrating on elections since you already have your two thirds majority.

  4. Morgan is very foolish, he goes around denouncing the very leverage that makes him or gives him a mandate to be listened to by the pple, that mandate is having pple in Parliament, if all the pple he claims to own are removed from Parliament he will b reduced to a nothing, today he is recognised opposition bcz of the very same pple that are in parliament and he claims he wont participate in 2018, on whose benefit is he doing, l thnk th fool has jus gvn up bcz he knws he will neva defeat Zanu, he shud pass on the stick mayb to Chamisa

  5. Where the hell is this blatantly ignorant dullard going to get the electricity from when the entire nation has a critical shortage?

  6. How many gays are now in parliament nhai Cde Mliswa? Back to the topic, really if zanupf is serious it should look at the figures they won with, those are not winning figures, when the men and women of integrity come to the party it will show them those figures are for a student uninism not a constituency election.

  7. Kubvira rinhi ana Kasukuwere muchingoti, “focus is now on development and ensuring the promises from the party were fulfilled” kubva chimboitai, asi vakuru vakati chisingaperi chinoshura.

  8. Stop fooling your selves in Bulawayo, if you can go back to the figures Makhokhoba Consituency and Lobengengula you won by 1667 and 1976 Respectively, then you go around celebrating. Check ZEC results 2008 Election and 2013. Then you will see that iBulawayo kayifuni zanu-pf. We will show you the middle finger come next election.

  9. Nyika yazara vatengesi (vendors) yet you continue to live in eutopia and still saying now we can develop the country. get all the seats for all we care, as your bellies continue to grow. Zanu is deliberately running down the country so that there is chaos and mayhem.

  10. Kasukwere is a G40 weevil destroying zanupf by deliberately saying the opposite of reality so as to lose more votes

    • ZVEKUMAMA shuwa Zanu PF should b taught a Good big lesson that they will neva 4get in their entire life

  11. This was a good lesson to whimpy little ninny political parties. You are to young to defeat this dinosaur what is needed is a grant coalition devoid of selfish aspirations

    • ana mikoro nyararai hamuna chamunoziva Zanu ngaibve kuti nyika inake
      we need new government with a president who deliver .

  12. Mafigures anongoratidza oga kuti zanu haina support kuita 5000 in Hurungwe after spending how much tax payers money and vana vp vose vaiswerako. From 26000 to 5000 ma1. Uyu saikoroji ane 2000 and sumthing maresults aya anoita kunge emawards. Tshinga dube 1000 sumn. The writing is on the wall the majority havachadi izvi. Dai mdc t yakapinda mujaho uyo mainzwa manumba manyowani. Mdc t yakafanana neDembare kana ingave final yembada ikasatamba National haizari ikapinda even friendly neTsholotsho vanhu vanozara kubva binga forozi and as far as byo. Kana nemarefu anoedza kuibirira nepose painogona napo

  13. Tsvangirai must demand UN supervised elections in 2018 & Kasukwere `the dreamer` will find himself selling airtime & dvd`s at 4th street

  14. I am happy that our ZanuPf has won all
    by elections. Since the victory of 2013 I
    have been waiting patiently to get a job
    but now that our party has won again I
    think the jobs are about to come my
    way. In the mean time I will pack my
    bags and head for south Africa or
    Zambia so that I can find a job while I
    wait for the political leaders to finish
    building their mansions and maybe they
    will start building the economy as soon
    as they have finished building their
    houses. While we celebrate with all
    those who have won I hope I will one
    day call them when I celebrate as well. I
    am not hard to please and all I want to
    celebrate is a meal everyday, school
    fees, a core house,busfare, money for
    airtime, a pint of beer on friday.

      • fix what nhai Nkosana? the mending of things here is purely a function of the will of the people in power. until they decide that things have to change we can keep shouting for fixing until the cows come home…or not.

  15. I was just comparing the election results for these by-elections with those for the general
    elections which were held in 2013 and interestingly in most constituencies Zanu Pf scored
    even less votes than the ones they lost with except for the Spin Doctor who managed to almost miraculously treble the votes from a mere 4646 in 2013 to 11695,
    a figure that surpassed all the votes cast in the constituency in 2013!

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