Venerated poet to officially launch second book


AWARD-WINNING poet and motivational speaker Tendai Maduwa is set to launch his already published motivational book titled Nuggets of Success next month.

The book which consists of 10 chapters is his second following a poetry anthology he launched last year titled Marry my Language.

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday, Maduwa said the book was “simple” and aimed at empowering individuals of any age to help them in purposes of development.

“This is a simple book that even primary school pupils can understand and its main focus is curriculum development and ethos,” said Maduwa.

“It will help individuals to develop themselves at a personal level as they aim towards achieving their set goals.”
Maduwa said he had felt the urge to write the book after encountering many people who were failing to attain their goals owing to failure to manage their own lives.

“Many people I talk to have prospects of starting their own businesses and institutions, but they fail to do so because they are failing to manage their own lives so this book addresses that issue in the first chapter among other issues,” he said.

Meanwhile, Maduwa is set to attend the Kistrech Poetry Festival in Kenya where he is on the board of advisors on August 1, before going to the Open Mic in Uganda on the August 11 and the Eight International Poetry festival in India towards end of September.

He started performing professionally at a tender age of seven and is to date viewed as one of the most accomplished local poets.

His talent has transcends past national boundaries and he won the International Performers Award in 2013.

He has travelled to most African countries.