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Video: Vapostori declare war


THE war of words between Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader Walter Magaya and the apostolic sects escalated yesterday with the leader of the churches vowing to “expose” the charismatic preacher, saying Magaya was “ungodly and worse than local traditional healers”.


Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) president Johannes Ndanga said Magaya had crossed the line after the launch on Sunday of his second book Marine Spirits Part 2.

The book, a follow-up to another released early this year, takes a dig at apostolic sects, labelling them ungodly and hubs of sexual immorality.

Ndanga told NewsDay that instead of worshipping God, Magaya worshipped “his spiritual father in Nigeria and derived his powers from snakes”.

He said churches he leads were ready to expose Magaya for being “worse than traditional healers and those he claimed were using marine spirits” as he uses “sacrificial blood” to perform his miracles.

“The people he is saying use marine spirits are better off than him because he worships a god from Nigeria,” fumed Ndanga as he went on a tirade against Magaya.

Johannes Ndanga ACCZ

“Before his trip to Nigeria, he was a nobody. He had to travel there to get powers from his god so that he could hoodwink the people.”

Ndanga claimed the second book took them by surprise as Magaya had allegedly apologised for his initial instalment.

“We made it clear last time when he uttered similar words that we are ready to remove snakes from his church,” he said.

“Instead of co-operating and coming forward so that we could show him his powers, he sent his people for dialogue. Now we find it difficult to understand that he is doing the same thing which he then had apologised about.”

Magaya on Sunday said he was ready for a possible backlash from those he had written about as he was “just speaking the truth”.

“I am not attacking the apostolic sects, but marine spirits. If there are true mapostori, they are few. Many of them are agents of the marine kingdom,” he said.

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But Ndanga — who claims ACCZ represents over 2 000 apostolic sects — said Magaya must shut up.

“How does he know that mapostori are members of the marine kingdom? From this booklet, he seems to know more about the marine world. The question is: Where did he know that much from? To us, he could be a member of that kingdom,” Ndanga added.

The feud has assumed a political dimension after Ndanga claimed Magaya was being sent by some politicians to destabilise apostolic sects aligned to the ruling Zanu PF party.

“We saw it long back that this guy called Magaya is not a Christian. His is a political project for 2018,” he claimed.

The next general election is due in 2018.

“We know who he is working with and their aim. He is working with certain people to disintegrate the apostolic community who have stood with Zanu PF for long. We have seen him trying to associate himself with some Zanu PF people, but the truth of the matter is he is being used by some political elements who want to destroy Zanu PF come 2018.”

Ndanga has been accused of using apostolic sects to further his political ambitions in Zanu PF.

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