Vampire ‘killer’ escapes charges


The case of a suspected serial killer, Alois Tapuwa Nduna — accused of raping and killing at least five women before drawing blood from their bodies — yesterday collapsed after two doctors who examined him declared he was mentally ill.

BY Stephen Chadenga

Nduna (26), now dubbed “vampire killer”, was facing five counts of murder and another two counts of attempted murder.

Last month, Gweru magistrate Judith Taruvinga ordered that Nduna should be examined by two psychiatrists before commencement of his trial after he claimed to be an agent of a satanic cult, which thrives on human blood.

Doctors Diamond Chimuchembere and Tafadzwa Mudereri, who examined Nduna, were in agreement that the accused suffered from mental illness.

“I am of the opinion that the patient is a mentally disordered or defective person in terms of the Mental Health Act Chapter 15:06 and requires care, treatment and control in an institution because no other methods are available or appropriate,” part of the medical report by Chimuchembere reads.

Chimuchembere said because of his mental state, Nduna would not be able to understand the nature of the criminal proceedings and to properly conduct his defence.

The doctors said while examining him the accused had shown an urge to draw human blood, especially from other inmates where he was remanded at WhaWha Prison.

They reported that when they were examining him, Nduna tried to draw blood from his forearm while in a trance and then vomited 15ml of blood.

Following the doctors’ recommendations, Taruvinga said Nduna would now be committed to Mlondolozi, a prison mental institution.

Allegations were that on October 9 2013, Nduna of Matanga village under Chief Jiri, Gokwe, was hired by four siblings — Precious, Sheila, Portia and Vheneka Chimonga — to kill their aunt Ruramai Zifungo whom they accused of witchcraft.

The State alleged that two days later, Nduna went to Zifungo’s homestead where he forcibly gained entry into her bedroom.

He assaulted the woman with an unknown object, cracking her skull and causing deep lacerations on her face, killing her on the spot.

After receiving his payment for successfully carrying out the mission, Nduna allegedly fled to Zambia.

On March 23 this year, Nduna allegedly raped and murdered a Mvuma milk vendor, Privilege Mutara, before dumping her body in a nearby bush after drinking her blood.

The following day, he attempted to kill a Chicken Slice worker, Gladys Gwasunda in Mvuma, but his luck ran our when a passerby heard the girl scream and rescued her.

In April this year, Nduna met Rita Phiri along a footpath in Zvishavane and offered her $3 for sex.

After engaging in sex with Phiri at a secluded place, Nduna strangled her and dumped her body in a bush. The body was discovered by a passerby in an advanced state of decomposition.

Nduna is alleged to have used the same modus operandi on an unidentified woman near a garage in Zvishavane before killing her.

On April 29, he approached Soneni Moyo at Mberengwa turn-off along the Zvishavane-Bulawayo Road and proposed love to her.

After walking with Moyo for about 4km, Nduna allegedly strangled the woman and dumped her body in a nearby bush before stealing her two cellphones which he later sold in Masvingo.

He is alleged to have attacked another woman, Marceline Shoko, and left her for dead.

Shoko was helped by a passerby who rushed her to hospital.

Nduna is alleged to have committed similar crimes in Hwange, Bulawayo, Chipinge and Masvingo.