Mujuru allies fume over Midzi snub


FIRED Zanu PF veterans linked to former Vice-President Joice Mujuru have described the ruling party as vindictive and crude after it denied former Mines minister Amos Midzi hero status.


Midzi was found dead on Tuesday morning at his farm in Beatrice and police recovered poisonous substances and sleeping tablets in his car.

He will be buried at Glen Forest Cemetery outside Harare this morning since Zanu PF refused to accord him any hero status, arguing he was just a card-carrying member after he was suspended from holding any position for his alleged links to Mujuru.

The government yesterday informed the former Zanu PF Harare chairperson’s family he would only be accorded a State-assisted funeral.

Rugare Gumbo, one of the expelled Mujuru allies now converging under the People First banner, said despite the Zanu PF snub, Midzi remained a national hero.

“It would not make any difference whether he is buried at Glen Forest Cemetery or provincial heroes’ acre because he is a hero in his own way,” Gumbo said.

“It only goes to show how vindictive and crude the people running Zanu PF now are.”

He said People First was already looking at the national hero policy with a view to influence changes in the way heroes were recognised.

“Such issues will also require national debate among Zimbabweans,” Gumbo said. “We will look into the issue and provide input on how it should be handled in order to avoid negative feelings towards those already buried there.”

Zanu PF has in the past come under attack for refusing to recognise national heroes who disagreed with Mugabe’s leadership style.
Most of the luminaries denied hero status by Zanu PF were and Zipra members.

Zanu PF’s excuse not to accord Midzi hero status appeared not to pass the credibility test as a number of people have been posthumously honoured even as they were not card-carrying party members.

Former Zimbabwe Farmers’ Union president Gary Magadzire, Joseph Culverwell and businessman Kantibhai Gordanbhai Patel are some of the few heroes lying at the national shrine who had little connection to the ruling party in the post-war period.

University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer Eldred Masunungure said the hero status was fast losing credibility because of the questionable selection procedure.

“It is a perennial problem that has not been adequately ventilated in the public arena,” Masunungure said.

“At the core of this problem is the issue that this very important matter has been mandated to a political party
“The prerogative of conferring national heroes should be moved beyond narrow political lines in order to show its national character.

“There are people even in anti-Zanu PF institutions who deserve to be national heroes, citizens who have excelled in social, cultural and economic fields way outside politics.”

Masunungure said introducing an independent commission to handle the selection of heroes was the way to go.

“In fact, it has never been a national issue and we will not be going back to the drawing board because we have never been there. It has all along been a Zanu PF drawing board and my fear, and I think that of other Zimbabweans is that future generations might decide to exhume some of those characters buried there,” he said.

Former Home Affairs minister, who is now Zapu leader, Dumiso Dabengwa, said it was possible that some people buried at the national shrine might be exhumed because it was being devalued by Zanu PF.

“There are people there who do not deserve to have been lying at the heroes acre,” the Zapu leader said.

“When we set the issue of national heroes before I left Zanu PF, we agreed that we needed to broaden it to incorporate other deserving Zimbabweans who did not necessarily fight in the liberation struggle.”

Fired war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda said Mugabe employed double standards in the selection of heroes.

“One day people are bussed from across the country and our leaders eulogise during the burial of someone describing him as a national hero, but turn around the next day to claim he was a villain,” Sibanda said in apparent reference to late army general Solomon Mujuru.

“It is either of two things; they were lying when they declared him a national hero or they are lying now.”

Zanu PF last year said it was aware that Mujuru had been working with his wife in a plot to topple Mugabe from power.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said his party had always argued against the “bastardisation of national events and institutions”.

“As long as the ruling party continues to privatise national events, then they will continue to lose their lustre,” he said.

“You can see now they are selectively applying the issue among themselves.

“That is enough reason this country needs to have an independent body that deals with such issues.”

Meanwhile, Mugabe reportedly facilitated the granting of a State-assisted funeral for the former ambassador to the United States after Midzi’s family wrote to government seeking a hero status.

Acting Zanu PF provincial chairperson Robert Kahanana said Mugabe had written a letter notifying the family of the development.

“I have a letter from the secretary to the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda, advising the family that Cde Midzi will be provided with a State-assisted funeral,” he said.

Kahanana said he was not aware of any request by the Harare provincial structures for Midzi to be granted hero status.

“I am not aware of that, but I have been advised that the family had actually written a letter requesting that he be accorded hero’s status and I think it is that letter that has caused this response from the government,” he said.

Midzi was a staunch supporter of Mugabe before he joined a long list of victims of the Zanu PF purge of those suspected having links with Mujuru.


  1. Zipra War General Lookout Masuku has richer war credentials than Mugabe himself at pars with Tongo and Rex Nhongo whilst Ndabaningi Sithole is the father of Zanu politics.
    Both are not at the shrine becoz they were not Mugabe puppets.
    Its soon becoming a personal burial shrine.

  2. Interesting. It means if Jonathan and Teurai Ropa were to die today the former would be accorded the national hero status and the later would be buried in Mt Drwin. Hw Zimbabwe has been privatised by Mugabe and his cronies. But surely some bodies will be exhumed from the national shrine for reburial. I think Bona, Robert and Chatunga already have reserved space at the heroes acre. Mugabe has been blinded with power and of course love from relatively young wife , we should never expect him to think straight.

  3. Dont worry there are already reserved graves for young heroes Zhuwawos,Chatu, Bona, mkwasha Chikore, saviours, gire, jono.
    Ana Jairos Jiri havapo.

  4. This Heros Acre thing should be closed to preserve the legacy of war heroes laid there.
    Initially it was opened for reburial and memorial of those who died during the struggles.
    After Mgabes gone we want it closed that is if he qualifies at all to be there.

  5. At the age of 91 Mugabe has failed to grow up & is still playing childish games of intolerance that we all used to play in creche. Afterall the coup plot is so fake its unbelievable it has been used as an excuse for expulsions

  6. People First should know that we want change.They re wasting time talking to power-hungry Luxton Tendai Biti s renewal something. Talk to us in MDC T and we absorb you soonest so that in 3years time we will be one strong rainbow party with Makoni.

  7. Where was this Gumbomuchochocho chap when the likes of Gedi were denied hero status? Now it is some killed Roots chap then everyone must jump up and complain. The ZANU people need their scruples checked; they are the chief architects of this whole ‘chef’ thing so they must not howl when the heat is turned on

  8. Mutasa must remember what he said about Gibson Sibanda. Dont cry foul yu stupid idiots. Midzi used to sent his youth to beat up people and you want him to be a hero. Waani. Munokanganwa chazuro nehope. God fights for His people Midzi displaced, tortured,maimed abd raped. In death he is humiliated by those he killed for what about in hell. He is more evil than satan. Remember people of Zimbabwe. Vanhu ava vakauraya vanhu. Saka hatifanirwi kukanganwa 2008

  9. maybe the way cde midzi died denies him the honour to be layed at the national heroes acre…A hero remains a hero up till he leaves this place #movejustified

  10. Ladies & gents. that place is a zanu pf national heroes acre not a National Heroes Acre as you might want. Lets remove these idiots and establish a better setup, period.

  11. He lost it when he engaged into the evil act of trying to wipe the sitting President via genocidal means that would have the blood of innocent citizens being shed

  12. The Heroes Acre idea is an outdated communist ideology. Just confer hero status and let the relatives bury their own among their own. whether kumusha or town. Look at what they did to Mandela, buried among his own ancestors. I say Rev Ndabaningi Sithole rests peacefully away from this so called Heroes Acre.

  13. Tekere we fought for him to be hero….and he was buried near his comrades. Those dreaming that Joice will be buried in Dotitito wake up and smell the coffee….we will stage the biggest demonstration ever

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  15. And so I saw the wicked Buried, who had come and gone from the place of the holy, and were forgotten (PRAISED) in the city where they committed their wicked acts, THIS IS VANITY!!!!!!

  16. Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might for their is no work, nor device nor knowledge, nor wisdom, nor hero status, in the grave whither thou goest.

    A wiseman dies just like a fool.

  17. Nhasi zvagwadzaka?? Manakirwa!!!! taste your own medicine….hanzi people`s first!! What people now?? Because madzingwa mubato remhondi!! I don’t shed a tear for all of you Midzi deserved to die. He sent his hooligans to beat us up in Epworth saka nhasi anakei. Ngazvife. Kuenda paHeroes Acre or not one day tichakufukunurai ipapo zvedu…..akawo kemakore 91 kadongorera Gomba futi!

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