Mugabe gaffe invites backlash


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe was on Monday accused of “embarrassing the country” after he rubbished two-term limits imposed on most African leaders despite endorsing the same provision in Zimbabwe’s new Constitution.


Mugabe told the just-ended African Union (AU) summit in South Africa that Africans had put ropes around their necks with the term limits. He joked that two terms could feel like two weeks.

MDC Renewal Team secretary-general Tendai Biti described Mugabe as a “dinosaur” who was out of sync with reality.

“The old man lives in the 9th century and each time he opens his mouth, he has embarrassed the country and Africans,” he said.

“It is serious humiliation for the country. He is a dinosaur and an embarrassment to all that is African and, in particular, for us Zimbabweans.”

MDC Renewal Team international relations committee chairman Gorden Moyo said Mugabe appeared not to see the irony when he poked fun at Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza’s third term bid.

Nkurunzinza drove his country into turmoil when he insisted on standing for a third term in violation of the constitution.

“Mugabe should be equally reminded of the same perilous road that he has taken over the last 35 years of uninterrupted reign,” Moyo said.

“His long-distance rulership, sit-tightism and stayism has been characterised by genociding practices and tendencies as signified by Operation Gukurahundi, Operation Murambatsvina, Operation Hakudzokwi, Operation Mavhoterapapi and Operation Red Figure among others. His bashing was akin to seeing an iota in Nkurunziza’s eyes while a log is hanging on his own nostrils.”

MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora said Mugabe’s bloopers had become an embarrassment to Zimbabwe.

“The Constitution of Zimbabwe sets term limits and so do other constitutions of advanced democracies,” he said.

“The issue of people wanting to stay in power forever is an archaic way of running nations and having a President issuing statements that are contrary to the Constitution is embarrassing to say the least.

“Mugabe signed our Constitution into law, but goes on to say things that run directly against the very same document.”

Mwonzora said the 91-year-old leader’s shortcoming was that he believed he was the only one capable to leading the country.

“He thinks the only people capable of running nations are those in power including himself, but he must be told that there are more capable people who are more intelligent than him within the citizenry,” he said.

Political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya said Mugabe’s utterances were consistent with his behaviour.

“There is nothing new from Mugabe, it is in line with his tendencies and practices,” he said. “The idea of term limits is consistent with the ideals of a democratic State. But Mugabe and like-minded leaders think they are running monarchies.”

Another political analyst, Alexander Rusero, said Mugabe’s thoughts were consistent with those of most African leaders.

“It is typical of African leaders and the thinking amongst the majority of our politicians,” he said.

“It is an indicator of the warped understanding of democracy that these people have. The funny thing is his colleagues in the region such as (Botswana President Ian) Khama and (South African President Jacob) Zuma have recently been reported as saying two terms of 10 years are too long.”

Zanu PF was against a number of provisions in the Constitution adopted in 2013 including the issue of presidential term limits and devolution of power.


  1. what a laggard? delayed independence by masterminding tribal splits and killing colleagues. when others were making kids he was busy masturbating. when others were telling grandkids tales, he was busy buying pampers for his own kids. when others are dying, he is busy arranging for a 100th term at 95. it is those who follow and vote for him that are morons. the monkey still has to realign itself with the post-Ottoman logic of human development that’s why he talks like Munnhumutapa Gatsi Rusere!!!

  2. I dont think there is anything perculiar on the sentiments and wishes expressed by Mugabe considering that to him the constitution is just a piece of paper. Mugabe is the softest but the most worst dictator Africa has seen in recent decades. He preaches peace during the day and practices murder during the night, he let independant press in the streets during the day and abducts its editors during the night. He has disregarded the constitution several times and is laughing his lungs out at those who think that Zanu (People Last) now believes in the rule of law because of a new constitution. Unfortunately for my country the one waiting to step into the dictator’s shoes is not only ruthless but shallow minded. Cry my beloved country cry.

      • You can not compare evil and good. In those countries they do free elections and accept defeat. How many leaders in those countries you mentioned have were in power with Mugabe and have left but Mugabe is still there? You must be ashamed of your comparison

  3. Mwonzora’s comments hit right on the spot. Zimbabwe, and indeed, Africa has more capable LEADERS than the current crop of mainly RULERS who are worshipped by myopic individuals for a temporary cushy lifestyle that carries more risk in future. No wonder Africa is going nowhere with these dictators – just look at the countries with the highest emigration: the facts speak for themselves!

  4. Back in the day we used to laugh at the Kamuzu Bandas, Mobutu, Idi Amin etc for being life president dictators. We never imagined in our wildest nightmares that Mugabe would turn out to be the worst of them all

  5. We is all of us. The real issue is not about the number of terms but rather that the tenure of a president must be through the free will & vote of the people, not through force, fraud or vote rigging

  6. Sometimes I blame other African states who recognise him as the president. 2008 he rigged. Mbeki came to Zim and said ‘ there is no crisis in Zim’. Before the results of that fake elections, he flew to Egypt as the head of state for a meeting where the other heads of states accepted him. Africa, wake up.

  7. It is african to stay in power. Chieftainship and kingship is only limited by death. In modern day Zimbabwe there are no limits to political party leadership. Look what Tsvangirai and Tekere did when some of their followers expressed their disapproval of them.

  8. The good thing is that the Mugabe bashers/haters are in the minority. Lets go for elections tomorrow. Mugabe will win. i dont why you want to think that you are the majority.

  9. To all our fellow country man I say this, the only way we can come out of this predicament is to
    Pray not for us only but to those who are giving us and our Nation these hard times.
    Lets Pray for them to prolong their Stay in Power, Lets Pray for them to prolong their cheating, killings and stealing. Then Our good Lord will know what to do for the Zimbabwean people, we must always remember that our Lord listens. For just once lets try this and we shall see the Power of our God Amen

  10. Jojo…praying has not and will not help anything, just as elections havE not and will not help anything. The only way these primates will leave power is through a coup. Coups are instigated by dissatisfied, empoverished soldiers, with the way things are going, the govt wont have money to pay the troops thats the only hope for Zimbabweans.

    • Tinashe you are 100% correct. Unfortunately the solders will always be looked after that the chances of a coup from that quarter are just as nil as the guy kicking the bucket before 2018!!!!!

  11. What do you gain from coups,muridzi wenyika ndimwari what we need is the love of jesus,not wars just look at egypty, libya you will always be in turmoil,violence dsnt pay, Mwari haasi benzi everything has got its own time here the children of israel were under oppression for 400 years,hamusimi vekutanga makoshei until you know the salvation of the Almighty,mankind cannot solve anything

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