Mangoma’s ‘lover’ speaks out on scandal

THE woman at the centre of adulterous allegations levelled against MDC Renewal Team treasurer-general Elton Mangoma yesterday said the matter has negatively affected her social life.


Yemurai Maravanyika said as a grown-up she had a right to make her independent sexual choices, but refuted that she bedded Mangoma.
Over the past fortnight, the media has been awash with the drama-filled allegations which turned bloody last week with a rival group supporting Maravanyika’s husband Believe Tevera exchanging blows with Mangoma’s supporters.

“Firstly, I must state that I have never had a relationship with Mangoma as I only met him twice at public events all the time,” said Maravanyika.

“Further, the communications I have had with Mangoma are all just professional and I never had intimate conversations with him as is being alleged by my estranged former husband Tevera (sic).”

She added: “Secondly, I want also to state it clear that Tevera is no longer my husband and thus does not have any right to instruct me how I must live my life and how I relate with people. I am a grown-up adult capable of making decisions for myself without undue interference.”

On allegations that she dumped their one-year-old son, Maravanyika said as parents, herself and Tevera should contribute equally to the minor’s upkeep.

She said she had nothing to do anymore with Tevera.

Maravanyika was accused of dumping her husband and their one-year-old child for Mangoma.


  1. Mangoma must be good, for a lady to dump her kid and husband! Watch now ladies beating a path to his door to sample what made her do this. maiiwe!

  2. Mufana mangoma ndoda kukusota! How can you dream ever being a President of something?

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