It’s business as usual for vendors in Harare CBD


Vendors remained defiant yesterday, refusing to vacate the Harare city centre in a wake-up call to the Zanu PF government in view of its failure to provide the 2,2 million jobs promised ahead of the 2013 harmonised elections.


A survey by NewsDay yesterday showed that vendors were not deterred by the government calls and threats to have them removed from the city centre.

It was business as usual for vendors in the city centre, while the new vending sites were deserted.

Other vendors reported that some space barons tried to register people in the city centre, but were stopped by colleagues who were spoiling for a fight with everyone who appeared to be a threat to their work.

Promise Mkwananzi of the Zimbabwe Informal Traders’ Organisation said vendors would remain where they were until the government provided better alternatives.

“As we said it was business as usual,” he said.

“We only received complaints that Harare town clerk Tendai Mahachi was moving around with cards from council. We, as vendors are saying no to that. We want to engage councillors we elected as vendors, not the officials who are working with the government.”

Grassroots Empowerment chairperson Alexio Mudzengerere, whose pro-Zanu PF group was pushing for the ouster of vendors refused to comment when asked about the situation in the city centre.

Vendors had lined up their wares as early as 7am while others assessed the situation from afar before arranging their wares for sale.

Mahachi said the registration process went on well and there was an overwhelming response from the vendors. “We will compile the list of those who registered today, but the response was overwhelming,” he said after a tour of designated sites.