Audio: Family demands access to Amos Midzi’s body

First lady Grace Mugabe holds the hands of Zanu PF youth league chairperson Godwin Gomwe (left) and Harare provincial party chairman Amos Midzi in gesture to defuse tension between the two at her Thank You rally held in the capital on October 8.

The family of the late former Energy minister, Amos Midzi have complained they were not allowed access to his body, as police finalised investigations at the scene where he was found dead.

Police barricaded the area where Midzi’s body was found in his car, as they completed what have been described as forensic investigations.


However, Midzi’s brother, Stanley said he had a right to view the body but was being blocked by the police.

Stanley said as a member of Midzi’s family and a medical doctor, he should have been access to the body.

Listen here:

Midzi was found dead Tuesday morning in his car at his farm outside Harare.

Police only retrieved his body from the car well after midday.


  1. Finish each other you pigs. Vurayanayi mega mega . You send us away in diaspora for us to die in foreign lands while you confiscated everything to yourselves and your children. More is coming its only a tip of the iceberg. By 2018 only a quarter will be left.

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  2. Have you all forgotten that Harare province led by Midzi rejected Grace Mugabe. Munofunga vangavamukanganwa here?

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