Zimbabwe Miners’ Federation to conduct countrywide tour


THE Zimbabwe Miners’ Federation (ZMF) is set to conduct a countrywide tour of small-scale mines to familiarise with their operations.

By Melody Chimhau

Speaking to NewsDay, ZMF spokesperson Dosman Mangisi said the tour was meant to assess the operational challenges small-scale miners were facing and devise strategies to boost the sector.

“This is going to be a nationwide tour as we are engaging the small-scale miners into the economic sector and we will start with the southern region,” he said.

“We will conduct the tour in all the mining provinces where there would be monitoring, surveillance and compliance.”
Mangisi said the purpose of the tour was to update the organisation databases.

“Information will be collected and we will make sure that everyone will be re-consolidated,” he said

“We have a situation where some small-scale miners are registered with the Mines ministry where as some miners operate under tribute agreement and contract agreement.”

Use of mercury by gold panners has since been prohibited and the ZMF is set to find out if the small-scale miners have complied with the ban.

“After the data has been collected, it will be passed to the government to find a solution on how we can continue helping the mining sector as it boosts the economy,” said Mangisi.