Zanu PF railroads RBZ Debt Bill


THE Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (Debt Assumption) Bill sailed through the National Assembly yesterday after Zanu PF MPs outvoted the MDC-T.


The 37 MDC-T legislators present in the House had tried to block it, but were outnumbered by the 115 Zanu PF legislators.

Before the third reading stage to pass the Bill was done, Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda announced that the Parliamentary Legal Committee (PLC) had found the proposed law constitutional.

But MDC-T chief whip Innocent Gonese immediately raised a point of order, saying opposition MPs had been sidelined by the PLC.
“My point of order is related to the purported non-adverse report of the PLC because I sit in that committee together with Harare West

MP Jessie Majome and we were never informed that the PLC was sitting to scrutinise the Bill,” Gonese said.

“As far as I am concerned, the PLC comprises five members and I believe there was no meeting last week and the PLC did not deliberate on this matter and were not legally qualified to pass the Bill as non-adverse.”

Zanu PF MPs in the PLC include Mudzi South MP Jonathan Samukange (chairperson), Mount Darwin MP Christopher Kuruneri and Matabeleland North Senator Sithokozile Mathuthu.

Mudenda dismissed Gonese’s point of order saying the PLC was properly constituted when it sat.


Gonese then called for a division of the House to vote for the Bill and Zanu PF won because of its numerical advantage.

When Kuwadzana East MP Nelson Chamisa (MDC-T) raised a point of order saying Parliament had contravened the Constitution by allowing the MPs who benefited from the RBZ farm mechanisation scheme to take part in voting for the Bill, Mudenda ruled him out of order.

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said the MDC-T’s demands over the Bill were a waste of Parliament’s time.

“What we have been doing over the one and a half hours was unwarranted and was abuse of the National Assembly,” Chinamasa said.
“Chamisa has right to appeal in other quarters, but not in Parliament because the issue has been concluded.

“In any event, this Bill is about taking over the $1,35 billion liabilities of the RBZ so that it operates with a clean balance sheet.”


  1. No Mr Minister, it is you and the government you speak for that are a waste of time and taxpayers money. I thank you.

  2. Yes we got harvesters, tractors, ploughs, seed, fertilizer and wheel burrows for free and we sold them at infinity % profit and we will not pay back a single cent. What are you gonna do about it when the country and the tax payers belong to us. Yes the tax payer will pay through the nose vachida vasingadi.

    The problem now is with donors who are resisting our order to passing their donations through treasury for us to ensure that their dollars are not fake. If they continue resisting, will kick them out of our god given country.

    You will never get the list of beneficiaries of the inputs scheme even if you go to our highest courts as this is not helpful or necessary. Our Judges benefited also.Even if you were to get the correct list indicating that Made got 10 harvesters how will that help you and what are you gonna do about it? Respect your rulers!!!!

  3. sad, we now give it to God because zanu cannot listen and dont care about and would rather protect thieves. He in Heaven will do it for the people because the zanu christians are in to support the evil.

  4. We the rulers got the farms, combine harvesters,tractors, ploughs, planters, fertilizer, and seeds for free and sold most of them at the open market at infinity % profit. So who are the barking dogs that want to know what happened to the $1.3million from RBZ?

    Even our Judges got the inputs so do not bother to go there demanding that we make the list of beneficiaries public.. you wont win. Our tax-payer will as usual bear the cost silently so where is the problem? In an case what will you do if you get the list showing that cde Made got delivery of 10 harvesters that are parked at his farm waiting to cater for 10 generations of his off-springs?

    We are currently more concerned about foreign donors who are refusing to pass their money through treasury for us to make sure that their $ are not fake. They must be careful as we will not hesitate to inform them to take their money elsewhere where it is needed more as our people are not that desperate.

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  6. l dont see what difference it makes coz the broke govt wont even be able to repay a single cent of that debt

  7. Good observation @abc. This is just a way to write off the RBZ debt. No one will pay anything. We lost as a nation and we have to lick our wounds. We are being ruled by a bunch of thieves. We are in a ‘constitutional’ tsotsiocracy.

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