Woman bashes hubby with axe on head


A LIONS Den woman Brenda Masonzora, was lucky to escape with a light sentence of 150 hours community service after she struck her husband, Beatwell Malama, three times on the head with an axe.


The incident occurred at the couple’s homestead at Omerstone Farm near Lions Den on April 23 this year following a domestic dispute.

Masonzora (34) was yesterday convicted for breaching the Domestic Violence Act by Chinhoyi magistrate Nyasha Kutule and sentenced to a wholly suspended seven months’ prison term.

Instead, the court ordered her to perform 150 hours of community service at Murereka Primary School.

Hezel Kondo prosecuted the case.


  1. for 3 strikes to the head, with an axe? then domestic violence is okay if the aggrieved is a man. equal rights is a fallacy, a reason for women to get what they cant reach.

  2. Mr Beatwell beaten well by wife. kikikikikikikikik. Dai ari murume atonzi 5 years mujere, what is being done in the judicial sector is not fair at all.

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