‘Upcoming musicians must take up Chimurenga music’


TOP performing poet Chirikure Chirikure has described Chimurenga music as the backbone of local music as it carries a distinct Zimbabwean identity and urged young upcoming musicians to help revive it.


Speaking to NewsDay on the sidelines of upcoming Chimurenga musician Jairos Chabvonga’s album launch in Harare where he was the guest of honour, Chirikure said it was self-deception to dismiss the genre.

“There is a deceiving assertion, especially from the youthful generation, that Chimurenga music is for the older generation. In fact, the genre is the backbone of our music, which gives us our identity and carries our story,” he said.

He challenged young upcoming musicians to help revive the genre.

“Young upcoming artistes must join forces in reviving the genre like what Chabvonga is doing. Chimurenga music can be manipulated in different ways and make it communicate current issues,” he said.

Ngorimba Afro-fusion front man Chabvonga said he was happy that he managed to launch his second six-track album titled Chimurenga Highway — a fusion of traditional instruments like mbira and drums.

“As an upcoming musician I am happy that my music is being well appreciated. I thank local music promoters and our fans for their support,” he said.

On the album, Chabvonga features his long-time friend and popular rasta-kwasa musician Dino Mudondo.

“We have successfully launched our second album and our task now is to take the album to different parts of the country,” Chabvonga said.

Songs on the album that was recorded and produced by Clive “Mono” Mukundu are Kure Kwemeso, Hutadzi, Pamusoro Pegomo, Rombe and Vamwe Zvavo, which features Mudondo and Rairo.


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