Spoil June 10 poll ballots: Tsvangirai

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangarai yesterday urged his supporters in Tsholotsho North to spoil their ballot papers if they were forced to vote during the June 10 parliamentary by-election.


Tsvangirai said MDC-T supporters should write “No Reforms, No Elections” messages on the ballots after the party boycotted the polls citing an uneven playing field.

He was addressing a rally in the Jimila area in Tsholotsho North constituency where Information, Media and Broadcasting minister Jonathan Moyo is battling it out with two independent candidates Gertrude Sibanda and Busani Ncube.

“We are not supporting any candidate, but if you go and vote when you enter the polling booth, I urge you to write ‘No Reforms, No Elections’ on the ballot paper,” Tsvangirai said.

“It is either you spoil the ballot paper by writing ‘No Reforms, No Elections’ or just stay at home.”

Sibanda and Ncube are former MDC-T members and their detractors say the two are proxies of the opposition party.

Tsvangirai said Moyo had nothing to offer the people of Tsholotsho and warned that thousands might be bussed in to vote for him as he alleged that he had no support.

“Who does not know that Jonathan does not represent anyone?

“Where was he all along now that he comes and pretends to be caring for the people by giving them rice?” queried Tsvangirai.

“If people vote for Jonathan, they won’t be voting for him because he is popular, but we will know they voted for rice. What is he going to change?

“We know the election result has already been determined in his favour before the polling day. They will bus people from other constituencies to come and vote for him.

“It is going to be a hollow victory for him because people will be forced to vote for him or bussed to come and vote.”

Tsvangirai said it was better for voters to spoil the ballot papers than voting for Moyo.

He said it was obvious that Moyo and his Zanu PF had harnessed measures to make it a point that the seat goes to him.

“(President Robert) Mugabe has said that a gun protects the vote and the pencil will never guarantee a vote and with such thinking, there is no reason for us to participate in any election without reforms,” Tsvangirai said.

The by-elections were called after MDC-T fired 21 legislators linked to the MDC Renewal Team.

However, main opposition parties are boycotting the polls, citing lack of electoral reforms.


  1. if he is giving rice he is a better caring son,dad you Tsvangirai what have u give or put on peoples tables since you came into politics since 1999,Rice its better Morgan than you.You failed to advocate for reforms on the opportune time when you and your proxies when in the inclusive goverment you are a failure ndosaka wakarambwa naLorcadia cauz u failed to give her rice kkkkkkkk failure icho mazitama

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