Samaita releases third album


RISING Mutare-based sungura musician Brian Samaita has released his third five-track album titled Tsono.


Speaking to NewsDay, the businessman-cum-musician said he was going to continue releasing albums despite being hit by piracy.

“This album looks at different social issues, among them marriage,” said the Murondatsimba Express front man.

“I am happy that Murondatsimba Express’ music is receiving fair airplay on both local radio stations and on many Mozambican radio stations.”

Songs on the album are Dzinza Rake, Sando Dzangu, Kabasa, Tinosvika Chete and Simon Zuze.

The song Dzinza Rake is about a man calling for intervention from both ancestral spirits and God due to endless problems in life.

Sando Dzangu is about a man who is complaining that his wife honours a man of God more than him, to the extent that she puts the prophet’s photograph as a profile picture while she never puts her husband’s picture on her profile.

In the same song, the wife is also asking why her husband has Beyoncé’s picture in the phone not hers.

Kabasa is an encouraging song to the people in these hard times that one must go for any type of job as long as it brings food to the table.

Tinosvika Chete is a life-telling song that encourages people to be strong and have faith that light will come after darkness.
Simon Zuze is a tribute song to one of the first supporters to rally behind Murondatsimba Express.

“Simon Zuze was brave enough to request my songs on radio while I was still unknown, but unfortunately, he passed away last year,” he said.

Samaita, who is currently riding high with his latest chart-topping album Murodzi Wepfungwa, expressed optimism that the album would do well on the market.

Since bouncing onto the music scene in the shadow of the late Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo, Samaita has not looked back.

Other albums under Samaita’s sleeve are Nemiwo Munazvo and Murodzi Wepfungwa.


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