Prof Moyo attacks ‘Mnangagwa successionists’ on Twitter


Information Minister, Jonathan Moyo has taken to microblogging site, Twitter to attack people he described as “shocking self-styled pro VP Mnangagwa successionists” whom he accused of “reproducing Gamatox epithets against erstwhile Cdes!”

By John Mokwetsi, Online Editor


Moyo’s tirade on social media was provoked by a story published by NewsDay on Thursday, where Goodson Nguni, the leader of the Zanu PF-aligned Federation of Non-governmental Organisations, made a string of allegations against Moyo. Nguni’s allegations include accusations that the former Zanu PF critic had an elaborate plan to tarnish the image of President Robert Mugabe and his deputies.


He was was reacting to a story in The Herald on Wednesday claiming he leaked to NewsDay issues discussed at last week’s Zanu PF politburo meeting.


This was after the paper published a story on Monday, where Zanu PF insiders alleged Mugabe had disclosed that President Robert Mugabe owed fired Mashonaland East provincial chairperson, Ray Kaukonde $30 million.


Moyo, who has been accused of using State media to fight succession and factional wars that are seemingly causing discontent within the ruling Zanu PF, said in one of the tweets: “Claims that @HeraldZimbabwe publishes anti-Zanu PF articles are idiotic and a gross abuse of journalists whose serve their country selflessly!”



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