Mpofu negotiating for Zinara to take over city parking bays

Zanu PF secretary for administration Obert Mpofu

TRANSPORT and Infrastructural Development minister Obert Mpofu is negotiating with his Local Government, Public Works and National Housing counterpart Ignatius Chombo for the Zinbabwe National Roads Authority (Zinara) to take over city parking bays.


Mpofu told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructure Development, chaired by Chegutu West MP Dextor Nduna (Zanu PF), on Monday that Zinara could set up a better system to collect city parking fees than local authorities.

In March, Zinara board chairman Albert Mugabe also told the same committee during a tour of Zinara that there was need for urban councils to come on board and repair road infrastructure using money they were collecting from parking fees and advertisements on street lights targeting motorists.

Glen Norah legislator Webster Maondera (MDC-T) asked Mpofu to explain if the suggestions by Zinara were going to be effected.
“This is something I am currently discussing with Chombo because Zinara has a more efficient system of collecting fees than local authorities,” Mpofu said.

“The systems are advanced such that we can actually log in government operations to increase efficiency – and it seems Chombo is warming up to the idea, and we are going to be talking about it.”

He said if Zinara was given the leeway, the authority would collect more revenue as Harare City Council parking officials had no proper follow-up systems and were easily manipulated by motorists.

However, council was opposed to the move arguing that it would leave them financially crippled.

On whether it was possible to impose a two cents fuel levy in order to put the funds into road rehabilitation, Mpofu said his ministry could not just impose the levy without following procedure.

“For the two cents fuel levy – we cannot just impose it because there is a process that we have to follow through the ministry of Energy and Power Development, as well as Cabinet before that can be done. The process is, however, on course and I have to first discuss with Energy minister Samuel Undenge because such adjustments attract criticism,” he said.


  1. All they want is to drain the councils of every cent they get. Zinara fix Masvingo road first rather than spend the money building toll gates, stop for now and repair Masvingo road first it has become a killer road. Actually suspend all collection of toll fees on this road if you are not going to repair it.

  2. Yaita shoma zve yemaTollgates. Manga majaira dzemaDIAMONDS. Looking at all Loopholes to feed thy stomachs. Panosangana Mpofu na Chombo mukati panobuda chakanaka? Hanzi, ‘Chombo is warming up to the idea.’ Sure!!!

  3. Not this Mpofu agaid…he wants to poke his nose into any area where there is money!! I do not think he is for efficiency as such…he is a f&%£ng greedy thing

  4. Oh dear. Minister, you took over vehicle licences from Councils using same argument. We haven’t seen a cent back….literally. Stop taking us for fools.

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  6. This is getting out of hand, Chasara kuisirwa toll gate muna R G Mugabe way all in the name of raising revenue for what? We are not fools ZINARA is a public entity kabudise ma audit results for people to see how the entity has been using the revenue they receive. Basa kuswera akagara muoffice echifuura planning horror for the ordinary motorist trying to make a living, kaagagdzire Maroads and stop annoying Zimbabweans with his frivolous ways.

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