Masvingo councillors tackle unemployment


Two Masvingo urban councillors are fighting unemployment by giving youths life skills through various projects in their wards.

By Tatenda Chitagu

Daniel Mberikunashe (ward five) and Godfrey Kurauone (ward four) have won praise for their non-partisan initiatives.

Mberikunashe established a car park for youths who are making a living out of the venture.

He also provides apprenticeship for training auto mechanics as well as carpentry, welding and hairdressing.

Daniel Mushoriwa, who operates at the garage, says he gives on-the-job training as well as offering industrial attachment to trainee mechanics.

“The councillor has helped our community a lot. He gives the youths a chance to do internship and on-the-job training for free and briefs the local community of developments at Town House. He is always in touch with the people,” he said.

Netty Chingori, a hairdresser at Mberikunashe’s complex, said she gives free training and working space for school dropouts who may not even have formal training which enables them to do something with their lives.

“We give free hairdressing training for the youths, courtesy of our councillor.

“This is done to equip them with life skills and reduce the crime rate in the community,” she said.

There is also a welding and carpentry workshop established by the councillor for the youths.

In ward four, Kurauone established a car park as well as a poultry project which he funded and then left to the community.

“I bought day-old chicks and provided the expertise and feed for clubs in my ward. I also bought fuel for a grader that serviced several roads in my ward,” Kurauone said.

The car parks have seen both Zanu PF and MDC-T youths coming together.

“I did not look at political affiliation since I represent all people in my ward regardless of their political affiliation,” Kurauone said.