Mangoma arrested over Zesa tender


MDC RENEWAL Team treasurer-general Elton Mangoma was yesterday charged with alleged criminal abuse of office during his tenure as Energy and Power Development minister.


Mangoma handed himself in at Harare Central Police Station after police indicated last week that they wanted to arrest him.
His lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa, told NewsDay police had claimed that Mangoma ordered the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company managing director to cancel a tender for the sale of pre-paid electricity tokens.

Mtetwa said police alleged the former minister ordered that the tender be given to OK Zimbabwe, one of the country’s leading retailers, without going to tender.

“They did not give us details of the case and they said the instruction was given orally, so they could not give us details or minutes of the meeting,” she said.

Mtetwa said Mangoma was detained at Harare Central Police Station and would appear in court today.

Renewal Team spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Mangoma’s arrest was unjustified.

This is not the first time that Mangoma has been arrested as he has faced similar charges that were later dismissed by the courts.

“As a party, we view this as an ongoing harassment by the panicking regime. Police have allowed themselves to be caught up in this unholy alliance,” Mafume said.


  1. From the look of things, there is no evidence linking Mangoma to the alleged crime. That’s the banana republic of Zimbabwe for you!!!!

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  3. There we go again with the ZRP circus .What proof is there that indeed he gave the instructions.?No please ,not again spare us this circus Its enough.Why can’t they come here to Mutare and arrest the police syndicate that is corrupting magistrate and prosecutors with bales of second clothes from Mozambique?

  4. zanu pf is hiding its failures in trying to delete the good governance benchmarks and achievements set by the GNU specifically in the portifolio which were held by the MDC

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