Just in: ConCourt outlaws arrest of sex workers

THE Constitutional Court on Wednesday outlawed the arrest of sex workers found loitering the streets “for purposes of prostitution”, saying as long as there were no men who would confirm being approached by the women for sex, the arrests were unconstitutional.

South Africa-World Cup-sex-prostitutes2

This follows an application filed by nine Harare women, who argued that their arrest in March last year and prosecution on charges of soliciting for prostitution contravened Section 49(1)(b) and that it was a denial of their  fundamental right to the protection of the law as guaranteed by Section 56(1) of the same charter.

Deputy Chief Justice Luke Malaba read the order which was granted by consent.

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  10. i dont like this prostitution and is never Godly. but the law has been applied badly and police have been making money in and out. i just wonder how many unlawful arrests are going on in this country of robert mugabe and his barker chihuri.

  11. U no wat mutemo wacho wakutocreater chifambi chakanyanyisa muchaoona zvichaiitika mutwn umo vana vachanyengwa sembwa, my business is to sell properties and any time wen i need go with my potential client to show them flats heheeeeee unonyara whether the client likes it, just becaouse aona this ladies anotoramba kutenga. At the same time mamwe mapfekere plz plz vatungamiriri pindirai handizivi hangu kuti vanhu kadzi vanonzwa zvechiita sei kufamba vakashama chaiko. Culture inokwana pese matongerwe enyika, kurarama uye kutaura kwedu, plz control this issue.

  12. i think the ruling is fair, considering the current economic hardship, the least that the government can do is to give its people freedom. i think the same shld be done in the kombi sector

  13. this ruling is most welcome and was long overdue. not only was zrp( or is it the state?) benefitting from fines unduly, corrupt police officers were benefiting both in cash and in kind. i suggest ministry of womens affairs and women activists immediately educate the affected women on their just unveiled rights . police officers had abandoned their core business of going after real criminals and had eagerly chose to chase after the hapless girls

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