Exciting times for Firm Faith


ALTHOUGH award winning local gospel a cappella group, Firm Faith missed a lifetime chance to attend the World A cappella Convention in Russia due to lack of funding for the trip, they have remained hopeful as many other good things have happened to them.


According to Firm Faith spokesperson Bradley Mberi, they had received an invitation to the World A cappella Convention in Russia with sponsored visas, but they failed to raise money for air tickets on time.

“It’s unfortunate that we missed the trip, but that has not deterred our spirits as many other good things have happened to us,” he said.

He said Firm Faith would be launching a new album, Africa Munzwiyo, sometime this month and the exact date would be announced as soon as event bookings were complete.

“We toured Malawi performing songs from Wanyanya and Mune Nyasha. We also got an opportunity to be guests on Malawi TV. Back home, Wanyanya featuring John Pfumojena was number one on Star FM Gospel Greats for a record 10 weeks before being overtaken by Zimpraise’s Sungano,” Mberi said.

He added that Mune Nyasha had topped the charts and the group had been privileged to share the stage with other acclaimed artistes like Solly Mahlangu, among others.

Firm Faith has been a guest group at the International Peace Day, the British Council and Zimbabwe German Society events.
The group has done charity work at various orphanages, churches and hospitals in line with its mission of spreading hope in all who are afflicted; to encourage them to fully have hope and peace in God.

“We have also featured other artistes like Patience Masiyambiri and Peniel Tambama. Our previous album was a resounding success according to radio requests and album demand,” he said.

Their upcoming album will have 10 tracks including Hatina Musha, Mudzimu Unoyera, Ndichawa Nenyeredzi Here, Apotofamba and Baba Ndiri Mwana Wenyu.

“We will be launching the album by month-end through a broadcasting partner to be disclosed soon,” Mberi said.