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Casting agency on the cards


A SEASONED commercial photographer who has worked in the local advertising industry for many years, Brezhnev Paul Banda, has partnered with hotel and tourism expert Justine Ndlovu to launch a talent scouting organisation, The Casting Agency.


The Casting Agency will scout for talent in the music and modelling sectors and link the new talent with opportunities to develop their careers.
Banda told NewsDay that the new initiative would bridge a gap that he had seen.

“The agency will be a bridge between the people and the advertising agencies, among other institutions, that may require such talent,” he said.

“In my experience as a commercial photographer, it has always been hard securing models of ordinary people to make adverts as the only available models are the runway type. The agency will cast everyone who is interested in featuring in adverts and other productions.”

Those interested will pay a once-off $10 fee to bankroll the building of their portfolio which will be used in sourcing potential clients.
Whoever joins remains in the database of the agency and will be required to update their portfolio annually.

“We have already secured a couple of partnerships with advertising agencies which will see them using our services and we aim to make more partnerships regionally and abroad,” Ndlovu said. “One doesn’t need much to join just $10 and big dreams.”

Ndlovu said individuals had already started getting in touch with them through their Facebook page and WhatsApp platform for casting.

Banda added that they were planning to open branches countrywide and they would be doing community outreach programmes in rural areas.

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