Caps United fans.

CAPS United coach Mark Harrison’s wife has suffered depression after they were given a notice of eviction from their Borrowdale apartment by their landlord over outstanding two months’ rental fees as deepening cashflow problems threaten to plunge the Harare football giants into an irretrievable nosedive.


Harrison had been scheduled to attend a meeting with the Caps management, but failed to do so as he was attending to his wife yesterday.

“I was supposed to attend the meeting, but I couldn’t because I was attending to my wife. She is down with depression because of what we are going through. I don’t know what transpired at that meeting and will try to meet with the Caps management,” Harrison said.

“I have been threatened with eviction tomorrow (today) if nothing is paid. It’s a very difficult situation. I don’t know my next move. I am hoping to meet the team management over the issue. I am two months behind in payment of rentals,” he said.

An informed source, however, said the meeting chaired by chief executive Joe Makuvire was tense and almost degenerated into a fistfight as some staff members demanded to be paid their outstanding salaries and allowances.

Club president Twine Phiri did not attend the stormy meeting and was not reachable for comment.

“It was a very tense meeting. The coach was also supposed to attend the meeting, but his wife is down with depression. People almost came to blows as they demanded their salaries, but they were told in no uncertain terms that whoever was not happy was free to leave the club. Twine Phiri didn’t attend the meeting. If he had, I think people were going to be fired,” a source who requested anonymity said.

Makuvire said he was not at liberty to comment on the coach’s eviction notice.

The Englishman also declined to disclose the amount he owes the landlord saying it was “confidential”.

Besides rent arrears, players and members of the technical team are owed salaries and allowances.

On Sunday, several senior players — Hardlife Zvirekwi, George Nyirenda, Dominic Mukandi, Gerald Phiri and Steven Makatuka — are reported to have initially refused to travel to Mutare, but later arrived late for their Castle Lager Premier Soccer League match against Buffaloes which ended in a 0-0 stalemate at Sakubva.

It was their second successive goalless draw having also shared the spoils with Hwange last Thursday and despite a good midweek crowd, it is understood the players were only paid $30 each.

The team did not train in the build-up to the Sakubva match, with Harrison only meeting the players in Mutare on match day.
The drawn match against Buffaloes left them in eighth position on the league table with 13 points from nine games.

But it is the failure by the club to pay rent for the coach which could end Harrison’s marriage with the Harare giants, having joined in January this year from South Africa where he was coaching National First Division side Black Leopards.

This is not the first time Caps United have faced a situation like this.

In 2012, Northern Irish coach Sean Connor was evicted from his apartment in Harare after the club management failed to pay his rentals.

Then Caps still had Harare businessman Farai Jere as a benefactor, but he has stayed away from the club in the last two seasons as they lurched from crisis to crisis.

Former board members Lewis Uriri and Nhamo Tutisani are also demanding $143 000 in money advanced to the club and have filed papers for the club to be liquidated if the debt is not repaid by Monday. Jere is reportedly owed $2 million.

The date has elapsed and an application is now expected to be filed for the provisional liquidation of the club.

Caps last enjoyed sponsorship from a local mobile firm and later a tobacco manufacturing concern.

But since then, they have found no sponsors and spent the whole of the 2014 season struggling to pay their players.

At the start of the year, a sponsorship deal was announced with a South African company Zing, but that later turned out to be a bid to take over the club.

But the latest developments paint a grim reminder of the hard times that Phiri, who is also the chairman of the Premier Soccer League board of governors, Caps fans and sympathisers have fallen on as the economic situation continues to deteriorate with no solution from the political leadership of the nation.

On the PSL stable, newly-promoted Dongo Sawmill have already put their franchise up for sale. (See story on Page 31).


    • Unochema murungu ko our players whom we grew up with in the locations kuchema kwavo haukunzwe. You have a messed up brain. You need to change your mind set and realise that we are all equal human beings with equal opportunities. Sad..very sad that you still view yourself as less human to a white man.

  1. At least the players hav options such as joining dynamos reserves kkkkk. But u cant hire foreign coach whether black or white & fail to pay them to such a disgraceful level

  2. Mark Harrison is a stupid fellow. Did he really think he was going to strike gold by going to Zim for work? Zimbabwe is a cesspit and nothing good will happen there until ZANU PF goes.

    • Couldn’t hav said it better myself…over half of skilled, qualified Zimbabweans left and those still there are making frantic efforts to leave…then iwewe a British national decides to seek stable employment there?

  3. PEACEFUL PROTEST AGAINST TWINE PHIRI’S MAL-ADMINISTRATION OF CAPS UNITED If you are intrested join drop your contacts and we will add you in a whatsapp group so that we organise the when,where and how the denmonstrations will be held. REASONS BEING; The Howmine Boycot and players attending the buffaloes match in an open truck!!! AS THE MOST IMPORTANT STAKEHOLDERS LETS DO SOMETHING FOR THE CLUB ZVANYANYA TP MUST GO

  4. It never rains but pours. Very sad indeed. Individual club owners exempli gratia, Twine Phiri are trying their level best but due to the economy of the country which is currently in intensive care, all these problems are cropping up. Some clubs in premier league are owned by companies and govt and the community clubs are sponsored by BANCabc. Its only Caps and Dongo, who are owned by individuals. These individual club owners are finding the going tough becoz no one is assisting them. LO SIENTO.

  5. Caps Utd is the only club that I have grown to appreciate and support. My heart bleeds every time it makes headlines for the wrong reasons. I sympathise with the players and the technical team for the ordeal that they are going through. I urge Caps Utd fans to join hands and save the Club that we have grown to love with so much passion. Why cant we come in our numbers just one Sunday, donate our hard earned dollar, distribute whatever we collect to the players directly, we need to support them. It may not be much but I am sure it will go a long way in alleviating their situation. Mr chairman of Caps Utd Supporters Association, whats your take of this, we need to act decisively here, our players have been turned into destitutes, CRY MY BELOVED CAPS UTD,,Shambo, Tauro and all the great heroes of Caps must be turning in their graves.

  6. Shambala you have said something very positive and very possible. Not what some people are saying above. The world is a global village whereby everyone is free to choose which country you want to work in as long as you have the skill. What is wrong in having a foreign coarch? Caps United is not a government department, its a private property and the owner is free to run it the way he wants. Twine tried his best but the economy has failed not him only but millions of Zimbabwe some that are being affected by Xenophobia in south Africa. The best we can do as Caps supporters is to join hands and assist the club because it gives us joy to watch. Real football lovers from other clubs can even join us because Dynamos and Highlanders enjoys playing us. There is no hate especially for soccer lovers. Being a caps support I will feel pain when for example Dynamos goes thru difficulties because we enjoy playing Dynamos. I am a caps supporter but I love the game. If you have any contact details send them thru. I will make my contribution for the love of Caps and for the love of the game.

  7. Twine should have allowed those foreigners to take over the club, or put the same on offer for takers. that would have helped keep its head afloat and ensure that the brand CAPS UTD lives. Now this. The PSL without CAPS would be painful for us who always enjoy playing against CAPS

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