Video: Kalangas are uneducated criminals – Mugabe


President Robert Mugabe on Wednesday waded into a tribal controversy when he claimed the Kalanga, from Matabeleland South, were uneducated and responsible for petty crime in neighbouring South Africa.


Speaking at the end of a Sadc extraordinary summit in Harare, Mugabe said he did not understand why Zimbabweans were flocking to South Africa, where they engaged in petty crime.

“And they are not the only ones, crooks, stealing, beating people. The Kalangas were/are very notorious in South Africa, they are known to be crooks because they are not educated enough to get (descent) jobs,” he said at a press conference broadcast live on South Africa’s SABC.

Watch video below:

Mugabe’s statements come barely a week after a state media columnist, Nathaniel Manheru, seemed to celebrate that people from Matabeleland were also being attacked in the xenophobic violence that gripped South Africa in the past few weeks.

The President said foreigners should leave South Africa, expressing bewilderment that most Zimbabwean male victims of the xenophobic violence were determined to return to the neighbouring country.


  1. mmmm ……no comment….but just a question have we provided enogh schools and created jobs for them mr president…I dont think u’ve been to Plumtree its like a ghost town

  2. Quite typical of Bob and his family. They are always insulting people. Not so long ago Mrs Stop-It was insulting people of Matebeleland saying they were good-for-nothing womanizers who go to South Africa to do useless jobs. She said Dotito (where Mujuru comes from) is full of demons and witches. Bob is always insulting people. He says MDC supporters and their leader Tsvangirai are zvitototo (buffoons). Tony Blair of UK was labeled a gay gangster by the old man for no apparent reason. And now the Kalangas are in for a roasting….. Can a competent psychologist can explain this behavior?

  3. i have seen the video but mugabe here seems to be speaking about the days gone by when he himself went down south.

    • I think this reporter and this who continue to spread this are taking this way out of context. See how they use “were/are” just to stir the pot and set the wrong agenda that perpetuates violence and stigma. He clearly said “were” and went on to say “vaizikanwa”

        • Ed please stop embarrassing yourself by defending the indefensible. When were the Kalanga ever notorious for petty theft and as president what has he done in 35 years to better their lot, or indeed that of ordinary Zimbabweans?

  4. The Karanga built Great Zimbabwe. It should be their time to rule Zimbabwe. We have had enough Zezuru looting.

    • The issue is about Kalanga and not Zezuru or Karanga???After all the Old man talked the hey dayz of kALANGAS but the reporter wants to bring chaos into already corrupted minds.

  5. Uyu munin’ina vaSatan coz surely how can you say that.Singling out one particular tribe for ridicule.Where is his conscience,where is his dignity as a President and human being.This is disgraceful.You run down the country and people cant get jobs in their country and this huy has the guts to utter such nonsense.Muchanzwa Jonathan kakuti he was quoted out of context

  6. Hey saka now only the Zezuru the master race vana mai wake ndivo vasara vari vanhu chete.Haa mdara ko iwe ne dzidzo yako ..chiiii chaicho chakashamisira muno mu Zimbabwe chawakazoita kana for that matter any other Zezuru akadzidza ne asina wacho ?Ma Brit wakatuka .mandex ma American ma Nyasarande ma Jamaican ma Juta ma congolese mapostol aiwa mheni iwe…ma vet e muno ma bhunu ..indians iwe Mdara hokoyo ne nhamo

  7. if yu can’t defeat him just join him….. the media hv managed to undress other popular figures with its powerful fabricated malice but not this old guy kkkkkk

  8. Ummmm Mr reporter dont incite violence, personally I think you are exposing yourself that u are biased, shame on u. You are trying to twist the past tense into present tense, efforts in vain shame

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  10. For all those who have travelled between Harare and Beitbridge will testify that indeed what the President said is very very correct. High cases of robberies; muggings; unnecessary killings at Lay-Bys are still being recorded between Bubi and Beitbridge. In broad daylight; the thugs there attach people with axes and machetes when parked by the road side……Why?? Some known Laybys have becomes blackspots and even authorities have barricaded them so that motorists won’t stop there and fall victim. In Beitbridge; motorists; crossboarder buses; kombis; trucks – they know that the Harare Road turn-off is very very dangerous including slowing down for the Railway Crossing!!! The area around Bubi is also known for Locals who drive dockeys into the road to cause accidents or to deliberately pour desiel on the road to make it slippery!! Police statistics indicate that as you drive into Masvingo; Chivhu; up to Harare; the environment becomes safer such that one can even sleep; cook; relax by the roadside without any fear. In as much as we do not condone tribalism; the in people in that part of Zimbabwe are EVIL.Of course not all Kalangas are involved but majority of then are the perpetrators of the violent acts. Hate him or love him; The President was very very correct in his statement! !!

    • @cash-talk and we suppose the heinous atrocities and the national plunder perpetrated by the incumbants mean nothing????? Wake up! Where is all this getting us. When RGM chirps and points fingers he must see that there are 3 big fingers pointing back at him. Eish! This breaks my heart!

  11. Remember the Rwandan hate speech about cockroahes??? In Zim it has been Matabele, commercial farmers, the white community, drive out filth during the murambatsvina, all opposition, the totemless people of mbare, and anyone perceived to have had a foreign parent. the hatred and xenophobia has been mind blowing with RGM and his party. This man has not built a nation and unified his people he has destroyed a nation and brought utter division. truly this comes from the pit of hell and ZPF needs to repent!

  12. The President of Zimbabwe, New Emperor of Africa, amazing hoiw he can talk like a complete idiot and get so many people supporting him, do the majority of Zimbabweans think like this? My immediate thoughts after hearing the speach was “he sounds like an infant!”

  13. Storm in a tea cup. Hapana kana nyaya apa. Siyanai naComrade President he didn’t say anything wrong here, it’s only the neurotic who will think he did.

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