Mugabe is testimony of failure – Tsvangirai

GWERU — MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday made sensational claims that his party has obtained intelligence that government will retrench
200 000 out of its estimated 350 000 civil servants by year end as its coffers continue to dry up.


Addressing thousands of supporters who gathered in Mkoba 5, Tsvangirai said it was disheartening to learn that people continued to lose jobs under President Robert Mugabe’s leadership.

“When we were growing up during my time, Zimbabwe used to have at least 2 million people employed in the formal sector, Ziscosteel employed 10 000 people during that time, but now we have less than half a million people who are employed in this country,” he said.

Tsvangirai said the current head count which was going on in the public service was meant to retrench workers.

“I can tell you that over 200 000 workers are going to lose their jobs in government mainly because the salary bill of government is laden with ghost workers. During the inclusive government we established that there were over 100 000 ghost workers and most of them were militia who were being used to beat people up,” he said.

Tsvangirai criticised moves by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa to suspend bonuses for civil servants just months after suspending other financial benefits which government employees were getting.

“We don’t hate Mugabe. In fact, we have stopped talking about him because he is a testimony of failure whose policies have pushed our people into vending,” he said.

Tsvangirai said if elected into power, the MDC-T would make all land bankable by giving land owners title deeds and attracting direct foreign investment to help restart industry.

“We will have to reverse the policies of Zanu PF which have been destroying the fabric of this country and driving our people into vending. Mugabe has turned this country’s commercial farming areas into communal lands which are not bankable and that cannot be allowed to continue,” he said.

Tsvangirai also took time to receive former Gweru mayor Tedious Chimombe and four other members who had jumped ship to join the MDC Renewal Team.
He said the door was still open for others who had defected to come and rejoin the “big tent”.

“Only in unity and oneness can we remove dictatorship in this country and those who want to come back we should accept them and work together for the betterment of our people,” Tsvangirai said.

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  1. Give us a break Tsvangirai

    What intelligence Mr. Tsvangirai? Does MDC-t have any capacity to gather any form of intelligence? Ingoti takanzwa nemakuhwa, full stop.

  2. njere dzako dzakazara matuzvi …uri murwere…zhara ichakusvunudza ….ndimi vanhu vanoswero kokota mikosho yevamwe nekuda maří yecrango

  3. Please tsvangason drom a gut who wld destroy his party twice for the sake of his ego.
    And what plan fo u have inemisoro

  4. These lies are not worth reading just wasted my precious time

  5. He really is a crowd puller mob psychologist, lucky for him the majority vote you for being a good comedian not a leader, for those who have brains you don’t have much of a choice to dislodge Robert but vote for this lunatic, not because he can do better but he is a good pawn. In my view he is power hungry he wants the title President and does’nt know what to do with it just like Robert. On the contrary the constitution can be changed if he is elected to power and don’t think he can interpret it for that matter. It could be time to bury our pride and vote with a purpose, I wouldn’t mind riding on a bicycle than walk if my car breaksdown in the middle of a jungle. Its our call, I could be wrong but desperate to get Robert out, is there any other options? By options I mean popular enough to even get votes in the rural areas? No educated person will want to fight Robert insult for insult because logically it’s barbaric, but barbarism is what a layman out there enjoys, so why not use a pawn? You tell me.

  6. tsvangson stop saying nonsense, wanga wakura zvakanaka wani,, this is 2015. iwe hauna chekuita asi urikunyepera vanhu,, uri murevi wenhema iwee

  7. Ndiudze nhema dzaareva ipapa. Tinokuzivai vaneshoma dzinokundwa nepropaganda. Hamuzivi rwendo rwakafambwa naTsvangison kuti musvike pamuri nhasi. Messiah chaiye.

  8. tsvangirai are you not a living testimony of a faiure..16 yrs trying in vain to dislodge from the helms of this nation

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