MDC-T mulls Parly pullout

ZIMBABWE’s main opposition party, MDC-T, is contemplating pulling out of Parliament en massé in protest against Zanu PF’s reluctance to create a conducive environment for the holding of free and fair elections.


Party national chairman Lovemore Moyo told NewsDay yesterday that the proposal came up during a National Council meeting last week, but was yet to be formally debated.

Moyo chaired the meeting.

“All I can say is, of course, the matter was raised and it’s still at its earliest stages. There is nothing as yet because there are (certain) procedures to be followed before it is tabled. So, indeed it was raised, but it has not been formally tabled for discussion,” the former Speaker of the National Assembly said.

Party insiders who spoke on condition of anonymity said the issue was raised by a South Africa-based MDC-T member and received massive support from National Council officials at the meeting.

The idea was, however, resisted by sitting MPs who felt the move would plunge them into abject poverty.

MDC-T officials who supported the disengagement proposal argued that it was pointless for sitting legislators to remain in Parliament after the party had resolved to boycott all the forthcoming by-elections over an uneven playing field.

“A youth leader based in South Africa, who is a member of the council, raised that issue and some saw some sense in that. If we decide not to participate in the elections, why then legitimise Zanu PF’s illegal stay in the House? Boycotting is the way to go and this is a view shared by many,” the insider said.

“Let’s pull out and let us concentrate on piling pressure on the (Zanu PF) regime by more demonstrations and visibility on the ground and diplomatic engagements, among other areas, while we are not in Parliament. It serves no purpose for us to be in Parliament while we continue to boycott elections. Ninety-nine percent were for total disengagement if we don’t get reforms.”

As if to pre-empt discussions over the issue, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu posted a question on his Facebook page, saying: “What benefits, if any, would the people of Zimbabwe derive from a total disengagement and withdrawal from Parliament by the MDC?”

The question attracted mixed responses from people with some saying the party was betraying the electorate, while others warned that the move would spell the end of the main opposition party.

The MDC-T is now left with 70 legislators following the recent expulsion of its 21 lawmakers after they defected to the MDC Renewal Team.

Commenting on the possibility and feasibility of the mooted withdrawal by the MDC-T, political analyst Blessing Vava said: “I don’t think it’s a strategic move. It will give Zanu PF more space to consolidate in those constituencies and it will be very difficult for the MDC-T to
recover in the near future, and, besides, the MDC-T should be aware that they carry a mandate from the people who elected them and, for me, it’s illogical and a betrayal to those.”

In an unrelated development yesterday, the MDC-T condemned the ongoing xenophobic attacks against immigrants by elements of the South African community.

In a statement, the party said it was disheartening that the attacks were taking place at a time when regional bodies such as the Southern African Development Community, Economic Community of West African States and the East African Economic Community were calling for closer ties among African states through the scrapping of visas.

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  1. IF the majority of the National Council are sitting MPS, and as reported, the sitting MPs resisted the idea of pulling out, then it is not accurate to report that “…..(the idea) received massive support from National Council officials at the meeting”.

    Unless the majority of the NC are not sitting MPs, which would be strange.

    1. It sounds logical and appealing to the public but, who benefits from that move? You might get all the sympathy in the world but that won’t change the decisions undertaken in parliament and it takes away your right to contest those decisions. MDC convinced people to vote NO to a constitution that could have had Robert retire after two terms, 15yrs down the line they haven’t learnt from that mistake. Robert is not a democrat once you leave parliament don’t expect him to lose sleep, its good riddance for him. You want to fight him then stay put by whatever small means you have, out of site out of mind. At least the presence of opposition makes him know there is people who don’t like his polices, once you leave he can declare one party state, what will you do? He doesn’t follow any rules and he knows no boundaries, I am giving you free advice, learn from your previous mistakes, every seat that falls vacant, he will put a Zanu stooge eg Mahofa or Chinotimba, he won’t care believe me.

  2. Actually, pulling out of parliament is long overdue. You should have pulled out long ago. With people like Welishman in your party it obviously would loose debate in your national council. He is a Zanu PF sympathizer – he was going to bribe members as he always does. You need serious men who really want to rule this country and change from these fur gets called Zanu PF. Don’t join hands with Mujuru and Mutasa. You can’t seek assistance from people who put the evil on and are feeding on it and now they are crying fowl be cause the father of evil has sensed competition from them – a word he doesn’t like very much. He has chucked them out and they cry blah blah blah. Nonsense – get away..

  3. Pasi na Gushungo

    MDC has long said the electoral system in Zim is flawed, yet they still took part in the 2013 general election which, predictably, was stolen by Matibili – that well known Moscan pick pocket. Now the MDC want to boycott the June by-elections, and give their trafitional stronghold Bulawayo to ZANU PF. Really, how naive can they get? Does anybody have a brain in that party?

    1. ‘That well known Moscan pick pocket..’ kikikikikikikikikikikikikikik…….

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  4. Dr Alex Magaisa you awfully quiet. 21 MPs, out; 70 contemplating quitting add 100 veZanu Mujuru who will quit in solidarity. Where does that leave us in terms of the new constitution.

  5. Calling people like Vava political analyst is what got us into this mess in the first place. Magaisa and that professor something or the other from MPOI is are another lot who our lazy media has become so fond of quoting..Why they do this when this crowd only claim to fame is getting everything SPECTACULARLY wrong says a thing or two about our media. The MDC will fly straight into people’s hearts if they were to RUN not walk, mind from a useless gathering pretending to be parliament in the contry. This would be the best decision they made in a rather LONG time. Some of us who had given up on it might find our way back if they were for this once mean what they say and strike boldly for a change! Way to go , say I.

    1. Vana gutter before the 2013 elections you were so confident that MDC T was going to win the election. MDC has nothing to offer Zimbabweans at all. They are a waste of space so I would stick with your decision to lose faith in them. We need a one party state like Singapore and China until we have achieved full development.

  6. @Gutter Poet you are full of crap. Thanks.

    1. It takes one to KNOW one

  7. What do you expect from a confused Party? Confusion, Confusion, Confusion, Confusion and more Confusion

  8. upto I saw the draft that said $9980 , I be certain that my brothers friend was like they say really receiving money in their spare time on their laptop. . there neighbour haz done this less than a year and as of now cleard the morgage on their appartment and bought Jaguar E-type . blog link…………………w­­w­­w.J­­o­­bsy­­e­­l­­p.c­­o­­m

  9. Tendai Chaminuka

    Refusing to take part in by elections,now wanting to quit parliament.Is MDC contemplating forming a military wing.Madofo.MDC is zanu (pf) coz every step they take gives advantage to ZANU (P.F)Pasi ne ZANU

    1. I believe this is one they have got right for a change. I hope they follow through on their word!

  10. Can anyone honestly tell me what the MDC MPs are achieving in parliarment for the masses they represent as things stand. I think present or not present Zanu Pf will always run riot. They wake up one day decide during their mickey mouse charade that they will fire a sitting vice president and half of the cabinet midway of their so called mandate from the people and Zimasset and plunge the whole government into panic mode. I tell you unless the ministers are assured that they have a full tenure to implement and let alone be assessed at the end ot their tenure whether their policies individually and collectively were a success. None will wake up in the morning and give a hoot about this zimasset noise. Instead they will be tiptoeing around trying to sniff each other to find out who is more toxic than the other. So leave MDC T out of this its way beyond them. Ask Biti to complete the renewal. Looks like he abandoned ship before it took off!

  11. This is an interesting debate.In the first place, was it wise for MDC to boycott the by-elections? In my opinion – No.They have contested in previous elections under the same conditions which they could have improved/changed during their tenure in the GNU.That was a time and opportunity that was lost instead of concentrating on women and other trivial issues. I don’t believe that the chances have improved now and worse still when they have fully disengaged. Maybe the party has some ideas as to what to do when they have disengaged which i may not be privy to. To me this would amount to suicide because lost ground is not gained ground.

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