Madzibaba Ishmael weeps in court

In an apparent move to 'revenge' the vapostori, police officers were pictured leading a group of Zanu Pf youths to destroy the church shrine.

JOHANE Masowe eChishanu Apostolic sect leader Madzibaba Ishmael Mufani yesterday stunned court officials during his ongoing public violence trial when he wept uncontrollably as he disputed video footage of him shot during violent clashes with the police at his Budiriro, Harare, shrine in May 2013.


Mufani, born Ishmael Chokurongerwa (43), denied being at the scene of the clashes on the day in question, claiming instead that he was in Hurungwe at that material time.

This was after the court played a video clip in which the State’s key witness, Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ)president Johannes Ndanga, claimed to have positively identified Mufani leading to the violent attacks.

“God knows that I was not present,” Mufani said.

He said the images alleged to be of him did not resemble him in any way.

“This person is not me; he has a completely black beard whilst mine has a bit of white, he does not resemble me at all,” Mufani said as he shed tears.

He accused Ndanga of seeking to nail him down because he had refused to “bless” him so that he could land a top political post.

“All that he said is fabrication because he wants to make me suffer because I told him that I could not pray for what I had not been instructed to pray for by God,” he said.

Mufani said his fallout with Ndanga started way back in 2013 when he and some of his church members were summoned to the ACCZ offices under police escort.

At the office, Ndanga allegedly told him that President Robert Mugabe was about to resign and then Vice-President Joice Mujuru would take over after which Ndanga would land the post of the country’s Vice-President.

Mufani claimed that Ndanga used Mugabe and Mujuru’s portrait pictures in his office to demonstrate the succession plan he envisaged.

“The portrait on the top was of the President, followed by the one of Joice Mujuru and his came last and he said he was going to be the next leader after the Vice-President,” he said.

“He then asked me to pray for him saying there was need for a leader who goes to church and I refused.”
The trial continues today.


  1. This tells us that ZRP and political names are always used to abuse civilians. Those guys in prison are there because of a misdeed by a leader of a thugish organisation calling itself ACCZ. This sect must sue this Ndnga until he becomes vice president in Hell.

  2. Nhai iwe ndanga, Mwari waunonamata ndewekupi zvaunosungisa vamwe vana vesangano ra Ishe wedu muponisi? Kana pane akatadzirwa ngaaregerere umwe, ndizvo zvinotaura shoko ra Ishe. Grow up, both in spirit and mupfungwa kani.

  3. ndanga haasi mupostori at all. he is one of the group raita macampaigns amai mujuru. i dont know kuti why the government if it is true kuti mai mujuru vaida kubvisa mugabe why thise government is still giving Ndanga a big floor??? to mean that nyaya yaipomerwa mai mujuru ndeyekunyepa. the truth is that Ndanga akaiswa on that side rokuti atungamirire vapostori in order yokuda kuti mapostori vapinde mune zvematongerwo enyika zvino zvino rambana nemutemo wechinamato chavo. kana ndanga ari mupostori ngaano kumbirira vapostori vose vakavharirwa vabude direct kuna president. hazviite its a political anonyepa ndanga is used chete

  4. So, there are many people eyeing that position of becoming the president. Lets wait and see.

  5. Ndanga the Vice President of the Republic of Zimababwe kkkkkkk. Utikwanirewo wena kana ukawana nguva. Kutoshinga kuorganiser youth yeZANU PF kuno shungurudza vanhu veBudiriro. Ungashinga kusungisa vana vasina mhosva nekuda kuita VP. Chasara kuno campaigner uri mujeri kuti uchiita president kwete VP.

    • Chokurongerwa you are really mad and planning all means to escape jail but in Egypt Morsi was awarded 20 years which I believe you will get also,

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  7. this is utter rubbish these people are missing the point here these vapaostori abuse women and children using a very foolish brainwashing doctrine.there is nothing political about it. they should not be allowed to continue abusing women and children period

  8. @ rones Do you have proof.If you do please submit to Ndanga and ZRP so they can have a real case.Not nyaya dzekubhawa dzamunotaur amuchimwa ZED

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