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Zim doomed as long as Mugabe remains in power


Zimbabweans is a unitary, democratic and sovereign republic.

Obert Chaurura Gutu

In terms of Section 3 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe that captures the founding values and principles of our beloved country, Zimbabwe is founded on respect for supremacy of the Constitution, the rule of law, fundamental human rights and freedoms and the recognition of the equality of all human beings.

We pay homage to the founding fathers and mothers of our great nation such as Joshua Nkomo, Herbert, Chitepo, Josiah Tongogara, Alfred Nikita Mangena, Leopold Takawira, Lookout Masuku, Rex Nhongo, Ruth Chinamano, Julia Zvobgo and many other gallant sons and daughters of the soil who paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that we were able to attain our independence from British colonial rule on April 18, 1980.

These heroes and heroines did not perish in vain. We are inspired by their revolutionary zeal, self-sacrifice and patriotism.

Speaking at the obscene jamboree to mark his 91st birthday anniversary in Victoria Falls on Saturday, February 28, 2015, Robert Mugabe, in typical fascist and Stalinist fashion, threatened to invade and take over the farms of the remaining few white commercial farmers who remain in the country.

Mugabe also threatened to invade and take over the wildlife conservancies that are still being run by white Zimbabweans.
The MDC-T has always stated that all Zimbabweans are equal regardless of race, ethnicity, colour or creed.

We would like to establish a stable, peace-loving, democratic and developmental country in which all citizens are free to pursue happiness and their dreams.

No one should be discriminated against on the basis of race, ethnic background, religion, colour or creed.

Only in this way can Zimbabwe be truly liberated and emancipated from the yoke of socio-economic bondage that the Zanu PF regime has been using over the past 35 years to enslave and emasculate the majority of the people of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe is a celebrated political despot and intolerant tyrant who has systematically ran down Zimbabwe from being the breadbasket of Africa into a basket case.

His legacy is a sad story of political violence and intolerance coupled with severe and unprecedented socio-economic deprivation, poverty and destitution.

The MDC-T unreservedly condemns the crude and racist utterances that were made by Mugabe at his obscene jamboree in Victoria Falls at the weekend.

It is this type of speech that brings untold damage to brand Zimbabwe.

Investors can never be keen to come and invest in a country run by an intolerant and racist demagogue who does not even have the decency of respecting and upholding his own country’s Constitution.

Mugabe and the Zanu PF regime that he leads are the biggest obstacles to attracting foreign direct investment into Zimbabwe.

It is a total shame for someone who is supposed to be the chair of both Sadc and the African Union to utter such retrogressive, crude and racist remarks; particularly before thousands of commandeered and clearly traumatised young Zimbabweans.

For as long as Mugabe remains the leader of the country, Zimbabwe is doomed.

Make no mistake about that. This man is no longer fit for purpose.

Mugabe is now a danger not only to himself, but also to his family, his deeply fractured Zanu PF party as well as to the nation as a whole. He should simply step down!

Obert Chaurura Gutu is the MDC-T national spokesperson

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