Parly expels 21 MDC-T rebel MPs

TWENTY-ONE former MDC-T legislators were yesterday expelled from Parliament and their seats declared vacant, drastically reducing the number of opposition representation in both Houses.


Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda and Senate President Edna Madzongwe shut the door on the former MDC-T legislators.

The 21 last year crossed the floor to the Tendai Biti-led MDC Renewal Team which broke away from the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T after serious internal fights.

The decision — which affected four senators and 17 MPs — follows a request by the MDC-T which wrote to Parliament on March 6, advising
that the legislators had severed their relationship with the country’s main opposition party.

The latest development now enables the ruling Zanu PF, with 255 legislators in its cubicle, to strengthen its control of Parliament as it is likely to make a clean sweep of all the 13 seats available for contest in by-elections which the MDCs have vowed to boycott citing an uneven playing ground.

Before the latest development, Zanu PF already had a two-thirds majority in Parliament with the main opposition MDC-T trailing behind with 91 seats.

The affected MPs sat quietly while others were seen shaking each other’s hands as if to comfort each other as Mudenda read out his

They later walked out of the House with their faces down following a premature end of their terms.

The list includes Harare East MP Tendai Biti, Kambuzuma MP Willias Madzimure, Kuwadzana MP Lucia Matibenga, Proportional Representation MP Evelyn Masaiti Muzungu, Glen View South MP Paul Madzore, Luveve MP Reggie Moyo, Dzivarasekwa MP Solomon Madzore, Pelandaba-Mpopoma MP Bekithemba Nyathi, Highfield West MP Moses Manyengavana and Pumula MP Albert Mhlanga.

There is also Lobengula MP Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, Tsholotsho North MP Roseline Nkomo, Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya, Proportional Representation MP Judith Muzhavazhe, Makokoba MP Gorden Moyo, Proportional Representation MP Gladys Mathe and Dangamvura-Chikanga MP Arnold Tsunga.

Those booted out of Senate included Manicaland Senator Patrick Chitaka, Harare Metropolitan Senator Sekai Holland,
Harare Metropolitan Senator Rorana Muchihwa and Matabeleland South Senator Watchy Sibanda.

Biti, who is interim secretary-general of the MDC Renewal Team, had on March 16 challenged the MDC-T’s notice claiming that he was still the legitimate secretary-general of the MDC-T.

In November last year, Mudenda refused to deal with the same matter and advised the warring parties to refer their leadership wrangle to a court of law.

“At that time, I did not pronounce judgment on the matter because it was sub judice and against the provisions of Section 3 (2) (e) of the Constitution,” Mudenda said yesterday.
“[MDC-T secretary-general Douglas] Mwonzora has since made submissions that there was change of circumstances in that the two cases pertaining to the leadership wrangle were withdrawn in November 2014 and March 2015 respectively.”

Mudenda added: “In the same vein, Biti and others never approached the courts to claim legitimacy. The resolution to recall the MPs was made at the [MDC-T] congress in November 2014, and the fact that the MPs never sought at the material time to interdict nor challenge it in the courts of law in so far as the outcome of that congress was concerned — and that verification that the matters mentioned are no longer pending before the High Court has been sought, and that there is apparently no longer a legal issue regarding legitimacy of the MDC-T after the matter was withdrawn, and without the other party seeking to reopen the case — then the status quo remains.”

Mudenda then declared the seats vacant, saying he would notify President Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of the vacancies.

Speaking to NewsDay afterwards, Madzore described their expulsion as inconsequential.

“This issue caused by MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Mwonzora is a non-event. As a party, we will respect the law and respond accordingly. It was unnecessary and is a slap in the face of the people. We are not moved or disturbed and we remain focused on the plight of the people,” Madzore said.

Madzimure said: “It is the people of Zimbabwe who have lost, not me. I was elected by the people of Kambuzuma and have represented them well for the past 14 years. The MDC-T has danced to the tune of Zanu PF.”

Senator Muchihwa chipped in saying: “We will be coming back. I am still in MDC-T, not MDC-Tsvangirai. It is my constituency which should withdraw me because they are the ones who elected me. We are just going to rest, we were not fired.”

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  1. Daniel Berejena

    Ngazviende. Iwe Madzimure, usade kunyepera vanhu – we haven’t lost, the law is simply being applied as is. You should thank Jacob Mudenda for having prolonged your stay in Parliament until yesterday.

    Senator Muchihwa , hudofo hwenyu hunoparira. No wonder why recently Beatrice Mutetwa said the judges have to be educated on the new constitution – even some MPs and Senators across the political divide need to be educated too

  2. Hapana zvamunondiita

    End of é road…ths’ where yo fantasy stops. Perhaps these Renewal guys shd read abt é story of Jesus n é donkey he rode on cumin in2 Jerusalem, é donkey thot ppl were ululating 4 it nt knowing it ws Jesus whom é crowd ws ululating n glorifying. If MDC-T ws 2 participate in ths election it cd easily win against these Renewal chancers, they shd ask Munyaradzi Gwisai.

  3. Good news, its far better to donate those seats to our known tormentors zanupf than to leave them in the hands of traitors

  4. Why is it that the real MDC offshoots always want to blame Tsvangirai on everything. You decided to move on and form your own parties due to selfishness but now you blame the only person who can bring change to this country. Why are u so blind to see that the challenges in this country were caused by Bob and not Morgan. Chimbonozororai muzodzoke marongeka. Mamama

  5. My vote is not for Renewal.
    This is the end of the road! Harare East count me out in the by-election.

  6. The problem with young people like Reggie Moyo is that they do not seek advice from the experienced. I wonder how much Zanu PF paid them to political oblivion – the Welshman way is political disaster for you and this country guys. You were afraid if you went to the MDC-T congress you would not win the top sits because you were made unpopular by your deeds. You decided to discredit Tsvangirai. We new you were Zanu PF sympathizers and really no surprise – its the Welshman way. Biti’s dramas may have confused you. Sorry no more about you. You were just nobodies and then you started feeling big because we had put you there. Now go to hell !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ndinonyanya kunzwira mai mativenga tsitsi. Mbuya iyi yakabva kure na Morgan. Ndinotoshaya kuti vana Mafume nana Tendai vayanga yaomerera yakavaziva zvariini. Vana Madzore vafana nzara yapfunya chisero mudzimba. Ko gogo Holland. mawunyana kudaro musina njerewo vasikana. Sipepa zvose namai endai munorera vazukuru. makaura. Vatengesi chaivo. Zvino vana Tendai nana mafume vave kuenda kumalaw firm avo imi muchinanzva nhoko dzezvironda. Zvituta zve chembere. Echa makawura. Save handei ku state house. Ava havafanire kudzoka futi. Ndove dzevanhu chaidzo

  7. It id a pity when personal hatred of a person leads someone to self destruct. Firts Biti had a kangaroo national council meeting were he had aides as memebrs of the standing committee, then he refuses to attend the genuine congress, instead he spend most of his time flip flopping, zanupf cheated, tsvangirayi lost, zanupf had a good slogan and won , we were nikuved, hey who would want such a confused man to lead. Sekai na Lcia I feel for you, sure kukura makore brain dzisingakure kunoti netsei. As much as I also want MT to go but these guys lacked tact.

  8. Zanu pf has foolishly raised Tsvangirayi’s profile by this ruling. The fact of the matter is the majority of people who vote MDC-T do so without looking at individuals except Tsvangirayi.. What this ruling does is confirm to ordinary voters that Morgan is the real deal. The Renewal confusion has been cleared all thanks to Zanu pf’s attempt to divide and rule. People have and will always vote for Morgan and the days for a free and fair election are near. State house beckons.

  9. Let them go.
    For the record Tsvangirai won the 1998 elections the peak of Ncubes split.
    We shall reach Canaan.
    Mugabe should goooooo and all his evil witches and clowns

  10. Kkkkkkkk former senator kkkkkkkk this woman is just daydreaming.and I quote, we are just going to rest, we are not fired.Handshakes I cannot stop laughing.she could not just come to reality about what happened to them. It’s true you are all fired and you just as ordinary as any other person in the street.Your fantasy days are over, it’s cold out there wait nd see, you will never revive. You are now a dead horse lol

  11. I feel sorry for the Renewal team MPs who were chucked out out Parly.It is not good to lose to a person you passionately hate and whom you have been touting in the public media like they did Tsvangirayi.

    I wonder how the learned lawyers within the team are consoling their fellow rebels.
    Inotambika ma face angu.We said it and you didn’t listen.

    Ikozvino honai manyara.
    I thought the Renewal team lawyers knew the law better than unlearned people like Tsvangirayi but alas they seem not to know anything.My free advise will be ;UMDC contest in the by-elections and you guys will bounce back.Maybe people like you .hahahahahahahaha.

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