Mugabe will die a villain, says Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has warned President Robert Mugabe that he risked dying a “villain” over his failure to tame the socio-economic crisis currently rocking the country.


Addressing thousands of party supporters at a rally at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield, Harare, over the weekend, Tsvangirai said opposition parties had stopped fighting Mugabe, but were now concentrating on the post-Mugabe era.

“Mugabe is finished, let’s not talk about him. Let’s discuss the country beyond Mugabe and whether the country can get stability and job opportunities,” Tsvangirai said. “The only option Baba Chatunga has is to say ‘I am old and let me die a hero and do well for the people of Zimbabwe’. Now you are a villain who has destroyed the people’s aspirations and hope.”
Tsvangirai said Mugabe was too old to confront the challenges the country was facing.

He urged his supporters to join the “action” and unity from all opposition forces to fight for the good of the country suffering decay and despair as evidenced during his tour of Hopley, Gweru, Chitungwiza and other areas.

“Those who are young in the party are saying: ‘You are old and you should rest’, but they are now accused of wanting to assassinate him yet they want the country to move forward. At that age, you want to die in office yet those who are 30, 40 or 60 are being fired. Can we say you are normal? No wonder why the crisis is there. There is no longer leadership in Zanu PF,” Tsvangirai said.

The ex-Premier added that Mugabe’s recent threats to grab the remaining white commercial farmers’ properties and his weekend attack on judges had firmly confirmed Zimbabwe as an unsafe investment destination.



  1. Mapenzi Dhumanai Chaizvo

    Mr former Prime Minister tell us what new ideas you have not the dull and boring mugabe has to go and Mugabe that blaa blaa blaa Mugabe hehhehehheheh all the time

    1. mapenzi wapedza nyaya .blaz ava vanonzi tsvangs vanoda kuhwina nekushoropodza mugabe too much ,but haazive chinomutadzisa kuhwina inyaya yekusaziva the main thing, kusataura and sticking to plans that help the nation of zimbabwe.

  2. Saka this idiot thinks Mutasa&Gumbo are young? Stupid idiot…….hypocrite……he chased away those calling for HIS retirement and critisizes Mugabe?????

  3. Jihadi John must come here and behead Open Zip. He is stupid.

  4. @mapenzi dumanai chaizvo, and what new ideas do u have yourself?

    1. @abc , mapenzi atokuudza idea yake yekuti tsvangs ndaazive the main thing not petty issue dzekungotsoropodza mugabe iye asina charikuta tsvangs wacho that makes them two guys vasina zvavariuita.way i see it iwe abc ndiwe usitorinna new ideas

  5. You are a fool and you cant even see that your strategies dont work at all. Mgabe is too old, what are U exactly saying. Think well before U address all those hundreds. Ini hangu personally I dont want U to lead me.

  6. Mugabe has always been a villain. Born a villan, will die a villain.

  7. Ndosaka uchidyiwa Morgan just bcz you don’t think unofunga zvisina basa kufa kwamugabe kunei haugone kuaddress vanhu, chete musangano wako makasangana madofo hapana akadzidza unofanira kunge uchironga mastrategy pane kutaura zvakadhakw izvo gore rega rega tabirirwa haugone kuba kwacho hehehe varigger rongawo strategy urigger, NCAA chikoro chakakosha long life my president vanga gwaute vakadiyi vamwe vakakupandukirai ini handina basa navo ndoda imi chete gushungo, ndingori nechigumbu kwamuri gushungo chekuti makaendesa bona wandaida kumurume chete zvinondirwadza izvozvo gushungo

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