Tsvangirai loses more lieutenants

OPPOSITION MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has lost several key members of his party in Mashonaland East province following a massive recruitment drive by his rival, MDC Renewal Team.

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A campaign team led by former Marondera mayor Farai Nyandoro, who is MDC Renewal Team’s deputy organising secretary recently lured several key members of Tsvangirai’s party to the Renewal Team.

In a telephone interview, Nyandoro could neither confirm nor deny that he was leading a team targeting MDC-T heavyweights in the province.

“I do not have comments over the issue, but I can tell you that I am in Murewa right now meeting people under the Renewal Team ticket,” Nyandoro said.

However, a top party official told NewsDay: “The Nyandoro-led team is currently on a massive mobilisation and recruitment drive. People were thirsty to hear what Renewal Team stands for and what they mean when they say they want to go back to the founding values and principles that have been abused by Tsvangirai.

“The Renewal Team has been to eight districts in the province so far and has set structures. They are now aiming to visit the last district before a provincial council meeting to be held aimed at providing strategic plans.

“A number of MDC-T heavyweights from this province have joined the Renewal Team and this month they are going to launch what they term Orange Day, a first massive rally in the province.”

The list of former MDC-T provincial heavyweights who have crossed the floor include former Marondera MP Ian Kay, ex-Murewa MP Wadi Nezi, and national executive member Jimmy Jalifu, losing parliamentary candidates for Murewa North Jimmy Jombo and Emmanuel Chinopfumbuka and former Marondera East councillor Samuel Machekanyanga, among others.

MDC-T provincial chair Piniel Denga was not reachable.

In the 2008 elections, the MDC-T won a couple of seats in the province before losing all during the July 2013 harmonised elections.

The province has been on the forefront calling for Tsvangirai to step down with Kay describing the former Premier as a “rusty bolt” that needed to be changed following his third successive crushing defeat to President Robert Mugabe.

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  1. Rigobert Mugarbage

    Let the useless MDC cabals fight each other. What a useless bunch of idiots!

    1. so it has became clear as sunlight that the socalled renewal team is only after destroying tsvangirai and nothing else.if they manage even to recruit one member from the tsva ngirai camp they will go all night partying.what a shameful bunch of fools.

      1. Gideon Patrick Mutasa

        Every vote counts, Tiky. Remember the 50% plus one provision for presidential elections. It only means that one needs 50% of the vote plus one extra vote and one becomes the president. Let’s suppose there are one million people who vote and Tsvangirai garners 500 000 votes, he will not become president. However if he gets 500 001 votes he would be the next president. (Please note that 50% plus one is different from 51%, in some cases).

  2. Well done Tendai Biti and friends. Please continue preaching the renewal gospel and very soon you will have a significant number of supporters. You will soon be the Makandiwa/Magaya of politics. Just be patient but work very hard to convince the voting public that your cause is a just one.

  3. MDC-T will never lose sleep because of a few bunch of sellouts. If they are genuine, why targeting our beloved Party.

    1. Gideon Patrick Mutasa

      In politics, like in religion, you target everyone to be your follower. You can only win if you have more converts. It seems Biti is working day and night whilst you are basking in the glory of yesteryear. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  4. Hmmmmmmm so how does this Renewal thing work? Same of people in orange t-shirts. What’s New?

  5. y cant they use another name other than mdc renewal team this renewal that…taneta nazvo izvo..

  6. Ko UD (Democratic Union-DU) yakazoita sei?

  7. The Renewal guys are desperate. They know well that Nyandoro was fired before the break up for Indescipline, Corruption among other charges. he contested as an independent candidate and lost heavily. He is loathed in Marondera for his looting during the days he was Mayor. He took other peoples’ wives and girlfriends using the ill gotten wealth.

  8. Zanu calls anyone who questions their policy publicly as a sell out, so does MDC, so whats the difference between the two? Do they really have democratic leaders? Does it mean to be a faithful you have to be a licker and no questions asked?

  9. The party that starts preparing now for 2018 will have the last laugh. Opposition forces should have started a long time ago. This is time to take advantage. The ruling party is yet to implode. If it has not happened now, surely it will happen later but soon. Most aggrieved ZANU PF members are either still waiting for an opportune moment to strike or licking their wounds. But I tell you, this time ZANU PF will not get away with murder – they have touched a raw nerve and it theirs!

  10. side shows like this is why the opposition in Zimbabwe will never be in power, prepare on winning the next option than dividing urselves

  11. Renewal and Gamatox ndizvo. Mash East is a fearless progressive province.

  12. Renewal and Gamatox ndizvo. Mash East is a fearless progressive province.
    Handei tione

  13. ma big guns can cross floors all they like but povo is what counts in this game.

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