Residents, MDC-T rap govt’s new capital city plans

HARARE residents and the main opposition MDC-T have accused the Zanu PF government of seeking to divert the nation’s attention from the comatose economy by pushing for construction of the new capital city in Mt Hampden.


Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo recently announced that Cabinet had approved the project with the actual construction set to start in the next two years.
But in an interview yesterday, Combined Harare Residents’ Association (CHRA) chairperson Simbarashe Moyo said the move was meant to divert attention to the least on the residents’ current needs.

“I think this is purely a diversionary act by Chombo to divert people from the problems the country is facing. We don’t need to celebrate that. Will that help Zimbabweans that we will have a new capital city?” Moyo said.

“We are worried about the economic collapse, ineffective delivery of services and for them to say we are planning to set a city will not console a hungry man and an unemployed graduate on the street.”

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu scoffed at the plan saying government had no capacity to carry out such a capital-intensive project given that it was struggling to pay its workers and maintain basic infrastructure like roads.

“The Zanu PF regime’s plans to build a new capital city in Mt Hampden is tantamount to a gross absurdity. Here’s a totally broke and insolvent government that cannot even pay civil servants’ salaries on time planning to embark on some grandiose plan that they are clearly unable to fund,” Gutu said.

“Where’s the money to construct the envisaged new capital city going to come from? The infrastructure in all the country’s cities, towns and growth points has crumbled and instead of channelling their energies to try to rehabilitate the crumbling infrastructure, this regime is dreaming of constructing a whole new capital city. Surely, the gods must really be crazy. This illegitimate government is a curse on the people of Zimbabwe. The sooner it gets out of power, the better for the generality of the people,” Gutu added.

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  1. Well if they say they can build let them build, don’t oppose for the sake of it. Building is development and it creates jobs, what are you proposing to create jobs? Their budget is non of your business, if they can afford it so why worry?

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  3. Ndangoti Tiwonesane

    the congestion in harare is not caused by lack of facilities, it is caused by a country that centralises state provisions all into one city. harare is the commercial, legislative and political capital of zimbabwe. everything happens in harare, so congestion is logical. however, zimbabwe can de-congest harare without building anything new. its very simple:
    1. implement decentralisation as stated in the new constitution. each province (i wish we just had 5 provinces) must have a capital town/city where all services – eg passports, finger prints, high court circuits, nurse /teacher training, poly/varsity are accessible. i dont need to travel to harare to get a police clearance. its stupid. copy the south african vesrion of provincial adminstaration

    2. parliament must move to masvingo or gweru – more central places. a hwange MP has to drive 8 hrs to harare for parliament, is that logical? check the tanzanian system – parliament is in Dodoma

    3. make a political effort to relocate manufacturing industries to bulawayo – its cheaper in terms of space, coal and railway transport. and the buildings already exist. it will also even out development disparities. China has Guangzhong, US has Chicago, please learn from these industrial hubs

    one can go on and do so many things, but just the above 3 steps will see harare back to a normal clean city, and maybe a 3rd of current population. its called planning, stupid!!! now a vic falls MP will still drive all day to parliament in Mt Hampden. what gives?????

  4. personally i think the new city will relief Harare a great deal of problems and challenges. and as for governance i’m sceptical of MDC-T’s ability to run this nation. They seem weak willed, they can easily succumb to international pressures that might compromise our culture and integrity. So i consider it unfair to call the current gvt illegitimate and a curse because it is God that chooses leaders imi pamwe hamusati masarudzwawo kuti munyatsovewo vatungamiri vedu.

  5. Vanagutu kuwawata chete pfungwa hapana, vanhu vawandisa muHarare regai vunhu vatapudzwe. Panovakwa capital city mabasa jahwii! marovha anoita mashoma. ko Iwo masuwegi hamusi kumaona here? ikokuda kugara sembeva iyo nyjka yakati tekeshe kudaro? zvemari haisi nyaya ndosaka kuine look east policy. variko MA company anovaka tovapa migodhi yengoda kana marasha zvakawanda zvekuvapa.

  6. @Skippy and Tsuro u r spot on on, in principle there is nothing wrng wth govt decongesting Hre and improving the infastructure in Zim by building a modern city like Sandton. Jobs will be created and many people will benefit,and potential investment. that the roads, clinics and the economy is bad is valid but that doznt make the new city a bad idea. Zim deserves a city of that stature politics aside. Opposition shdnt just critisize just for the sake. Lets be objective pliz

  7. Nonsense! Why build the city in Mt. Humptydumpty and not somewhere central to the nation where it could be equally accessed by all the citizens? To hell with the shameless scam.

  8. ndezve mugotsi mashuro izvo, ini party iyi ndaneta nayo, ngavaite tione but chobuda hapane, mapolicy avo akavora chaiko,, indigenisation, zimasset zvese zvongove zvepamuromo, ikezvino voti toda capital,, hameno ngavaite tione, bt time yakusvika Mwari variko.

  9. recent skirmishes in mbare where rowdy youths bullied would be investors at a groung breaking ceremony ,underscore the need for a new capital city. honestly . away from the garbage, noise and violence that characterize the then sunshine city .

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