Pictures: Mugabe trips and falls at airport

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe missed a step and tumbled off the podium moments after arriving from Addis Ababa Ethiopia on Wednesday, sending his security team and cabinet ministers present into panic.


Photos by Aaron Ufumeli

President Robert Mugabe walks down the podium before he fell.
President Robert Mugabe walks down the podium before he fell.

Mugabe, who arrived after midday to a rapturous welcome by hundreds of party supporters and the entire Zanu PF leadership, was walking down the stairs off the podium to greet service chiefs and other government ministers when he missed a step and fell to the ground.

02....President Robert Mugabe walks down the podium before he fell

The AU chairman who turns 91 on February 21, was aided up by some ministers present and service chiefs but appeared unhurt and returned to greet the service chiefs and government officials before he boarded his official vehicle and left.

03...President Robert Mugabe walks down the podium before he fell

Mugabe is usually assisted by First Lady Grace Mugabe who, in most cases, holds his hand to climb up or down the stairs. But Wednesday, he was exposed as Grace is recovering from an operation she underwent in the Far East weeks ago while on holiday.

The fall shocked many and sent security into panic. Photojournalists were forced to delete pictures of the Zanu PF strongman on the ground.


  1. even mubhora vanhu vanodonha wani.

    1. Uchitambirei bhora iwe usiri fit. The man should rest, period! How can you be so evil to use an old man like that to further personal interests. You argue he is the only man for the post but I ask, is he immortal? Get some rest VaMugabe, you have run your full course. Munefa!

      1. Bhora nepacarpet zvakafana papi?

    2. Nyamusokojenarengundu

      Bvokobvoko…. Apera manje Matibili. Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

      1. Engelbert Zhakata

        Even before the great fall, the old chap appeared to be in great pain while getting down the stairs. The spirit wants (to lead) but the body is just too tired and weak to carry on. By continuing to be a public figure, Gushungo is endangering his health!

    3. Bobo famba wakachenjera, fambawakachenjera me singing kikikik

    4. Who is that big black gorilla behind Matibili in the photos? Boy, is he scary! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      1. That’s the guy who shoved him kkkkkkkk

    5. Thomas Mapfumo once sang a song: ‘Somersault is gone, somersault is gone… He was over-boiling, he was over-boiling…’ this great fall will teach Matibili to stop hopping on planes whenever he feels like.

    6. is it funny when our mother or father falls to the ground ? do we take photos and send them everywhere ? do we even publish the photos in our own newspapers and even make them HEADLINES ??????????????.NO! ignorance attracts a curse and it kills.whether we understand it or not our president is our father ,he is the father of this land .zimbabwe lets grow up and pray that God forgives us and helps us to respect authority . wish you well President Mugabe.

      1. Mugabe is neither my father nor my mother you Sucker! He is a despot. Dont insult our intelligence

  2. ini ndakambodonha negitare pastage kuguruve ndikatoiswa plaster

  3. Ahiwaka? Pane kudonha nekudonha. Manje uku kudonha kwaBob kana kwaChihuri kune nyaya.
    maChristmas 91 is not a joke, all that pressure appear normal and in full control ?

    There is stress there!1

  4. why yesterday when he arrived today….get your facts rights, you are not writing for people who will read the article tomorrow.

  5. Dr. Emru Kunanti

    Thats why I don’t wanna become famous, people watch your every step (pardon the pun).

  6. Haibo, what is going on!!!? EU lifts the president’s travel to Europe and the next thing that we hear is that the president fell at airport. There more to this than meet the eye.

  7. Rubbish. All the pictures you are showing us are not of a ‘falling Pres Mugabe.

    1. Ndungu you stupid. Bvuma zidhara rasakara iri..

    2. Blind support yakaoma vakomana,every journo was forced to delete the falling pictures. For God’s sake he is old at 91 possible older.

      1. He is 1191 year old. Kikikikikikikikikikikiki

    3. Inga mapikicha echimudhara chichigemuka akazara pa Internet… Chamama! Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    4. Pics on

    5. Chasara kusamuka Matibili. Take a rest amn.

  8. Nyamusokojenarengundu

    Pidigori wadonha, pidigori adonha, tralalalalalalala!

  9. Oppah Muchinguli Winfrey

    Hona gamba ronanga Ku Villains Acre iro! Maiwebabavangugushungo!!

  10. Chiblaz chagemuka ICHO!

  11. Ndozvinoita kukura uyu makore ake anodarika 100 akazvarwa gore rehwiza. Sei vanhu musina tsitsi mukuru uyu akura uyu. Iri basa ravakumuremera iri.

  12. Even Dr Fake It! paachadzoka achagemukafuti. Miraizvenyu muwone mafero. Haaa ini nhasi ndaspakwa!

  13. Kudonha kwekugwara dai akorovera nemusoro zvainda , handina tsitsi nemhondi kubva zvavakativonesa ndondo kuMberengwa

  14. aaaaaaaah … vakomana!

  15. sorry maningi blazz…..

  16. Well I dont need to read the story. Im disappointed! But it was almost a WOW moment….. Hahahahaha kwakwakwa kwakwakwa kwakwest!

  17. Chimudhara ichi chakauraya Vanhu vakawanda, including my brother Timothy Muchesa. LET HIM ALSO FEEL THE PAIN WE FEEL!

  18. The pictures are there on whatsapp.. MATIBILI ADONHA! Matibili aamu dhara! Harahwa! Zisekuru! Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  19. Our president is too old let him rest hapachina balance apo “GOMO GURU RAKAPERA NEKUWONDOMOKERA” musazokangamwa. lni ndatoreva

  20. Magetsi adzoka here kuBudas?

  21. Dydimus, Morgan and 14 million others like this.

    1. Horo Mory you very funny… Kikikikikikikikikikikikiki

  22. Zva Lacoste zvinenge zvaita manje manje so.

  23. So by not publishing the fallen Mugabe are you implying you can not recover the deleted pictures or it’s out of fear?
    To recover lost data, free softwares like Recuva and Pandora can do the trick easily.

  24. Guys ngatidzidzei data recovery, nhai?

  25. Thanks Dr Tintin. Robert ndasviona svichiita sesvinotamba dhanzi kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Svazenge svoita sesvirikukambaira kkkkkkkkkkkk ´maiwe zvangu. Zimbabwe yonakidza manje. Introducing the new AU carpetman kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (not chairman).

  26. The president fell on the plane stairs because of all these sanctions by the West. If there were no sanctions, Bob would not have fallen.

  27. Mugabe paakwira hameno akadzika achadonha futi…

  28. Wakasundidzigwa akawa mudhara uyu.

  29. as fit as a kkkkkkkkkk carpetman

  30. long live President Mugabe…

    1. He is amazing not just by breaking his fall but displaying his athletism. Watch out Ultimate Fighting Champions because soon you will be doing ground and pound with Bob.

  31. This is bad when people celebrate your fall, ask yourself why. Imi vanhu munobatirirwa naye amuka mirai muone because anenge asina zvekukunyengerera.

  32. Shame sorry hake..asi ngaachizorora kani..zvopisa tsitsi chero hangu ndisingawirirane naye asi kunyadzisa kwake kunyadziswawo kwangu semuzimnabwean…haa no mhani munoda tinyarewo kusvika papi..?Think seriously abt this..

  33. Hey… aiwa chizorora mudhara. washanda zvakwana.

  34. People are just jealousy because Uncle Bobby akabata mbiri in one week. Akabata ndambirire ku”AU.” Akabata tsuro abuda mudege. Bob anobata vakomana. In the Warriors’ next game achabata bhora harinwi.

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