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Jive Zimbabwe supports musicians


Music sales in Zimbabwe and the world at large have been negatively affected by the advent of technology that has enabled every techno-savvy person to make copies of music.

That has seen musicians’ income tumble drastically and that has called for fresh ideas inasmuch as cushioning artistes is concerned. Jive Zimbabwe, a local initiative, has been crafted to provide musicians with the much-needed support in controlling the sales of their products. NewsDay’s Silence Charumbira (SC) caught up with Benjamin Nyandoro (BN), the Jive Zimbabwe boss, and here are the snippets from the interview.

SC: What is Jive Zimbabwe?

BN: Jive Zimbabwe is a wholly local initiative that thrives to enhance local arts consumption in Zimbabwe and beyond. Jive Zimbabwe Private Limited is legally registered under Zimbabwe Companies Act [Chapter 24:03] with its core business being to promote and distribute local arts products and services. Jive Zimbabwe is also registered with National Arts Council of Zimbabwe as a promoter of arts and culture. The company was founded on October 25, 2012 which coincides with the celebrations of International Arts Day and we seek to develop, promote and market local arts to international standards through inculcating a culture of professionalism. Jive Zimbabwe seeks to create confidence and trust between Jive Zimbabwe and local artistes so as to establish cordial collaboration toward mutual benefit.

SC: Who is Benjamin Nyandoro?

BN: Benjamin Nyandoro is the founder of Jive Zimbabwe. I have a sturdy passion for Local arts; with an emphasis local arts! That is why I founded Jive Zimbabwe, a platform that affords local arts that much needed exposure.

SC: What is the inspiration behind Jive Zimbabwe?

BN: I conceptualised Jive Zimbabwe in 2009 and officially launched it in 2012, with my first inspiration to take on the project, being Sulumani Chimbetu. I attended his gig in 2009 at the Lion King Bar in Harare, and was amused by the energy and drive in him. Then, there was no Jive Zimbabwe to talk about, I followed him to his next gig at Londoners in Strathaven and approached him during the break. I introduced myself and confidently told him that I believe I can add value to his remarkable work. He said yes, let’s do it. Thereafter, I said, why wouldn’t I do the same to all local artistes? That is where it all started. What do I call it? Jive Zimbabwe. Yes! Jive Zimbabwe, because it is about Zimbabwe, let’s Jive Zimbabwe.

SC: what services does Jive Zimbabwe offer the musician? Why Jive Zimbabwe and not any other international platform like iTunes?

BN: Jive Zimbabwe provides unique services like the Online Music Store. We signed an online music distribution deal with Diamond Studios. Currently there is music for Suluman Chimbetu, Jah Prayzah, Tariro neGitare, and Marcy Janure, among other. You may pay for your music using the Master Card, VISA Card, and the Ecocash Master Card. Work is in progress to add a direct payment using Ecocash. The artiste gets direct access to his/her transactions and can account for any purchases made. Sellers are Recording Companies, individual artistes with a collection of products, and those with rights to a collection of products, among others. We have a variety of acceptable downloadable formats that make our products very friendly. Jive Zimbabwe enlists services of established courier services, such as Zimposts, DHL, and FEDEX among others, to ensure that purchased goods arrive in good order. Courier charges are thus calculated basing on type of product, destination and weight. One registers as a seller on jivezimbabwe.com after which they receive confirmation of a seller account approval and they are good to go.

: Do you engage agents that sell your products on your behalf?

BN: We call them affiliates. Affiliate transactions are commission payments based on sales referrals completed through registered affiliate links. Only registered affiliates can have transaction records. Affiliates will only have sales referral transactions if they have created a sale using their specific tracking code. Transactions occur when a sale has been completed using their tracking code. Transactions for affiliates are based on their commission rate and the sales they have created.

SC: Apart from the purchases what other cvalue does an artiste get?

BN: We do what is called artiste profiling which is the first product an artiste should have as a way of introducing self to the market. It is important for your prospective market to know you more and have that emotional attachment to your inspiration to take up arts. Jive Zimbabwe Profiles local artistes and publishes the profiles on the website www.jivezimbabwe.com for free. There is also an easy to fill in online artistes profile form. Once done, click submit and we will do the rest. We also carry news since we follow and cover news on the arts in Zimbabwe. This being an effort to provide more information and updates to arts consumers in Zimbabwe and beyond. We also have a robust and dynamic gallery of both pictures and video clips. The gallery serves as a showcase platform for artistes to post their events and get their acts known and appreciated more. We also have a very vibrant sociasl media presence from WhatsApp that connects the artistes together and they give constant updates as well as their entertainment diaries which we upload on our site. We run an intelligent entertainment diary that allows one to search by artist, genre, location and by date.

SC: you have been holding several gigs at the Book Café. What kind of partnership do you have?

BN: Jive Zimbabwe partnered Book Café to host 12 Gigs in 2015, one in every month. We have held one with Victor Kunonga in January. Mokoomba is slated for February on the 27th. Following is Afrika Revenge in March on the 27th. These Gigs are meant to inspire other artistes and promoters that you can have successful events through the use of low cost high impact methods. The use of social media and mobile technology far out-smarts the conventional way of using posters.

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