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Form 2 whiz kid scores 7 straight As


A CHEGUTU Form Two whiz kid amassed seven straight As, 4Bs and a C after sitting for Ordinary Level examinations.


Tafadzwa Matangira (15) was the top “O” Level student at Terry Goss High School and will return to the same institution to study Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as he wants to study Aerospace Engineering or Civil Engineering at university.

He scored As in English Language, Literature in English, Shona, History, Geography, Integrated Science and Physical Science. Tafadzwa had Bs in Maths, Biology, Religious Studies, Computer Science and a C in Accounts.

Driven by the desire to break records, Tafadzwa said after transferring from Sanyati Baptist High in his first term of Form 1 to St Francis in Chegutu in the next term and ending up in Triangle the third term, he fell in love with his books and felt he could give sitting for an examination a try.

“I felt like reading since I was in Form 1 and felt that if I could read, I could as well write,” he said.

The adventurous Tafadzwa, who scored five units in his Grade Seven examinations, said he benefited from extra lessons from helpful teachers and despite some discouragement from parents and other teachers, he remained determined to fight.

“I was both a student and my own teacher,” he said.

His mother, Countridah Matangira, said Tafadzwa as he was growing up always showed he was mature for his age.

“I didn’t want him to write this early. I discouraged him, but his father wanted him to. He was stressed and we only registered him two days before the deadline,” she said.

Despite the demands of studying Literature in English and Shona, given the number of novels one has to read, Tafadzwa managed that in a few months and passed with distinctions.

His father, Lovemore, was equally ecstatic and said he knew his son would make it judging by his arguments with friends where he used to dominate.

He is the last born in a family of four with his sister Tariro saying yesterday that the achievement was “shocking” considering his age.

“I feared for him. I thought he was still young and that could affect him physically and emotionally in the event of failing. I supported him though,” Tariro said.

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