Breaking: Mliswa arrested

Former Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman Themba Mliswa has been arrested for possession of six unregistered firearms. Police said Mliswa was arrested yesterday at his farm in Karoi.

More to follow

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  1. A precursor to the arrest of Amai Mujuru and Dydmus. It always begins with Themba remember the provincial no confidence votes.

  2. These firearms were handy for the farm invasions and legal, now he is a ‘former’ they automatically become illegal, VIVA ZANU.

  3. He should have known it was coming. By now all the wise people know what a mafia organization ZANU PF is. It equips you for its ends and strips you when done with you. This is one organization where you can safely say “I came with nothing and I depart with nothing”. Ask all former ZANU PF members! Even those who are zealously implementing the evil machinery should know that their time will surely come, of death does not come earlier. Icho!

  4. ummmmm thts not true i believe Thema has been set up

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