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Zita shelves theatre awards


THE newly-appointed Zimbabwe Theatre Association (Zita) committee has provisionally shelved its plans to hold theatre awards this month.


Led by Daniel Maposa, the committee said there is too little time to plan if they are to continue with their initial plans.

Maposa told NewsDay yesterday that they are still negotiating with their funding partners so that they will come up with a solid working plan.

“January is rather hectic, especially after the holidays, and it is pretty impossible for us to come up with awards in such a short space of time left in January,” said Maposa.

“As a new committee we are now working to regularise processes and subsequently work on a membership drive.”

Maposa said they first need to define which constituency they are serving before they start rolling out programmes.

“The constituency is very important. We need to do a consultation with the members so that we know what they need,” said Maposa.

“Currently people do not know what Zita is about yet we are supposed to be a bridge. So those are some of our immediate tasks as well as to see to it that we are formally registered.”

The Zita committee is chaired by Maposa who is deputised by Elizabeth Muchemwa.

Committee members are Leeroy Gono, Ephraim Vhutuza, Michael Banda, Aubrey Kamba and Sheila Bengula.

Apparently the new committee faces a tumultuous task in oiling the theatre sector that is currently dogged by several challenges mainly emanating from individualism and lack of transparency.
The previous committee led by Josh Nyapimbi was elected in 2007 and it battled until it was replaced last year.

Theatre performances around the country continue decreasing and less than five mainstream productions were recorded outside festivals in 2014.

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