PHD members beat up drunkard

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance (PHD) leader Walter Magaya’s lieutenants on Thursday reminded music lovers at Dandaro Inn at the Exhibition Park that they may be churchmen, but can still beat the demon out of a drunk.

Silence Charumbira/Winstone Antonio

The group’s ire was drawn by a bogus pastor claiming to be a member of their church who rushed to the stage to give the opening prayer at Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria’s album launch.

In the opening stages of the ceremony to mark the launch of Madzibaba’s album Rumbidzo released at the end of last year, the master of ceremonies asked members of PHD to come and give the opening prayer.

A man identified as Evans Chitsaka then stormed onto the stage and introduced himself as Pastor Evans.

He went on to pray in comic fashion drawing giggles from the audience who were shocked by the pace at which he was saying the prayer.

As he left the stage he was apprehended by members of PHD led by Cuthbert Chitima.

The group of over 10 dragged him and assaulted him outside the venue.
“Who sent you? You are even drunk and you purport to be a member of PHD? If you do not answer me properly I will leave these guys to beat you up,” quizzed Chitima before the group indiscriminately slapped Chitsaka.

Chitima appeared to be labouring to control his group that kept mobbing Chitsaka.

“You guys should follow instructions, stop it,” Chitima chastised his apologetic group on realisation that the media was around. Chitsaka then went on to report the case at a police post located in the Exhibition Park complex.

NewsDay closely followed the proceedings. At the police post Chitsaka identified six of the members among them Chitima as the culprits.

Sadly this is not the first time that Magaya’s church members have shown a violent streak as last year his bouncers were reported to have assaulted a man in Mashonaland East.

Madzibaba, however, proved to be the last of a rare breed that was once responsible for the entertainment of Zimbabweans.

The launch in many regards became the best of numerous others that have in fact proven to be drab affairs.

From the attendance to the show of unity that musicians of different genres showed, it was just a marvel to see the event roll.

First it was Alick Macheso who qualified in the initial phases to be named a drama “queen” with antics that appeared poised to attract attention.

Pacing up and down the stage area and at one time attempting to disarm the Khiama Boys’ bassist before Madzibaba stopped him, Macheso was determined to steal the thunder.

He was later to be invited on stage to perform tracks like Mabvi nemagokora among many other hits.

For close to an hour, they performed with the several musicians that thronged the venue including Sulumani Chimbetu, Somandla Ndebele, Morgan Dembo, Romeo Gasa, Shiga Shiga, Roki and Soul Jah Love among others joining in for a remixed medley much to the delight of the revellers.

With every musician throwing in a few lines of a popular song, it was pure joy for the audience.

It was a rare showing of camaraderie that Macheso actually handed the bass guitar to Gasa who has often been viewed as a threat to the sungura icon’s bass antics.

Gasa did wow the fans, but Macheso was to show him who his big daddy was playing alongside Zakaria with his legendary guitar fusing with new lines from unreleased material.

That National Arts Council of Zimbabwe director Elvas Mari called Madzibaba a professor and sealed the deal as he indeed reminded many of the good old days of untainted sungura.

Also in attendance were promoters Esau Mupfumi, Lawrence Chinoperekwei, Beny Nyandoro of Jive Zimbabwe and Josh Hozheri among others.

Madzibaba’s 26th album oozes brilliance as it evokes many memories.
What remains a challenge is the marketing side as record labels have settled on blaming piracy for their lack of innovation.

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  2. PHD idiots must be locked up. Mbhava dzevanhu..

    1. He wanted to tarnish the Image of Prophet Magaya only

  3. Looks like the Magaya bodyguards have a bigger demon than that drunkard

  4. Kikikikkkkk, our own Boko Haram on the making.

  5. Your hatred for Macheso is legendary. We all know Macheseo and Niko have played tgether and have sometimes invited each other onto the stage at such shows! saying he was trying to steal an album launch is surely going beyond just hatred! pweee!

  6. Lets note that Magaya is followed by crowds. Anything is bound to happen from crowds. I don’t expect true disciples of Magaya to engage in assault. These guys could just be admirers of Magaya and not his followers.

  7. i think they jiust teaching him how to behave and the likes cz apa he tarnished the name of phd. dont just rush to judge phd memebers havangobate munhu asina mhosva ka

    1. so u believe their barbaric act was the only corrective measure. Usaite munyama wekundicutter nemota coz ndoda kukudzidzisa kuti hazviitwe nekukurovawo. That guy commited no crime at all and no one is allowed to take the law into their own hands period.

  8. It seems the Magaya fellows have never heard about turning the other cheek. These are not Christians at all.

  9. In one of his blasphemous teachings, Prophet. Magaya stated that ” preachers with Leviathan spirits curse you from the pulpit ” this is a clear example of cursing from the pulpit. The hooligan. bodyguards were possessed with the Leviathan spirits. The PHD Ministry is fast being run as a “Mafia Organisation “.During the Friday 23 january 2015, Magaya also instantly fired one of his ushers. right in front of bewildered congregants. If that is not a Leviathan spirit I don’t know what is.

  10. goodchildgonebad

    These falsephets all have mamonya who are radical fundamentalists remember nhamoyamakandiwa also has mamonya they take a cue from their zpf Gods of violence.If you see phd members in groups don’t say anything that might be interpreted as a challenge on the cult.some of the members qualify to be members of ISIL

  11. Zvidhakwa makajaidzwa you think you have the liberty to abuse christians because christians are always supposed to turn the other cheek. No ways that doesnt happen anymore. God never said chritians are supposed to be punchbags of the world. We will take the hell out of you and go back to pray. Makajaidzwa

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