No more white farmers: Govt vows

GOVERNMENT yesterday vowed to grab all farms owned by the remaining white former commercial farmers and ruled out joint ventures involving whites.


Addressing chiefs during the handover of A2 (small-scale commercial farm) offer letters to traditional leaders in Mashonaland East province yesterday, Provincial Affairs minister Joel Biggie Matiza said government’s new land policy was set to benefit diplomats, chiefs, war veterans, civil servants and others who missed out at the launch of the land reform programme in 2000 because of rampant corruption.

Speaking at the same occasion, Lands and Rural Resettlement minister Douglas Mombeshora also said government would not allow contract farming arrangements where the indigenous farm owners would get only 10% of total produce while their white partners grabbed the lion’s share.

“Contractors will come, but they are not owners of the land,” Mombeshora said.

“That you say I have contract farming to get 10%, we won’t allow that. Joint ventures with white former commercial farmers, we say no to that. We have never allowed that.”

He said white former farmers should be given 90 days to vacate their farms if the land has been allocated to a black person to
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Mombeshora said joint ventures were done at national level and should come through his ministry.

Matiza added government was giving land to its proper custodians, the chiefs, since they did not have farms.

“Land reform sprang from Mashonaland East province and our chiefs had been reduced to bystanders as land distribution evaded them. In this province, we were protecting the very people who yesteryear were our oppressors,” Matiza said.

“Freshly mandated from a cultural perspective, the province will conduct an orderly programme of land allocation. “As the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in Mashonaland East province, I have a structured programme to embark on orderly and systematic distribution of land in the province. All groups, among them chiefs, youths, war veterans and detainees, women and those in the diplomatic service, civil servants and ordinary people, will be considered.”

He said more than 20 000 applicants in Mashonaland East province were on the waiting list, demonstrating the magnitude of the demand for land in the province.

“The white farmers who are carrying out farming activities on gazetted land will not be tolerated as it is illegal in terms of the laws of the country. Farms that exceed the recommended farm sizes will also be downsized so that their sizes comply with the government requirement on maximum farm size.”

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  1. What happens when all whites are gone? Definately those who are blinkered will see the real enemy. The real enemy are those having wealth they cannot account for, who are busy diverting the ignorant from the real issues at hand. When all whites are gone one thing is certain, THE POOR WILL EAT THE RICH.

  2. Mr Mombeshora,don’t forget you to spoon feed these people for another 14 years to come.does your budget still sustain that.

  3. My-oh-my, Zimbabwe is being run by a bunch of idiots. Their inability to separate the forest the the trees is breath-taking. Pathetic zealots who seem bent to perpetuate the misery of ordinary people. Don’t get me wrong! These guys have since their chaotic land distribution driven the populace into hunger and poverty whilst they push their fat riddled bellies. It is time to stop this madness. If there was any hope for the nation to craw back some investor confidence, we kiss that goodbye just like we are readying to bid farewell to the chief culprit. Just to quote the soothsayer in Shakespear’s Julius Ceasar: beware of the Ides of March.

  4. As I suspected, Zanu will stop at nothing in its brutality. The farms have crops in them and they will reap what they didn’t sow. Next year they will be crying implements and seeds. Which politicians and chief didn’t get land. The new ministers? Support has been dwindling, Zanu has to win the next election by whatever means.

  5. We feel ashamed of this unbridalled racist rhetoric. Is this the reason why people went to war and died? So that a few blacks will dispossess all the whites!!! Don’t we have white heroes of the Chimurengas. Your stupidity knows no bounds. What do you have to show for the land and assets that you have already plandered and grabbed?

    Zimbabwe has become a “heavenly” colony of a cabal of black robbers and unashamed crooks.

  6. Eish! Just imagine the signal this attitude sends to potential investors and business people in Europe, South America and North America.

  7. Long may they carry on and destroy. Country does not even have its own currency. Government of monkeys could run the place better. Racisim at its very very best. Long may you all starve

  8. Zimbabwe needs someone with common sense! Otherwise they’ll continue to flee their country! 1/3rd almost 2/3rds have left!! Mugabe and his clan of morons will one day get what they deserve.

  9. Typical of an ignorant nigger. Hope someone or some country bombs that shit hole out of existence

  10. Awful. Absolutely racist behavior.

  11. A Breadbasket of Idiocy

    What a splendid example of racism being a two way street.

  12. The Honorable Victorious Champion of Tribesmen President Robert Mugabe

    People of Innernet!

    I President Robert Mugabe the most honorable champion of native Zimbabweans, is pleased to announce that our most triumphant revolution is coming to a triumphant close. At last, my faithful electorate may rejoice, rest easy, and reminisce upon my many meaningful accomplishments. The eventual eradication a prodigious weed from our lands will be long considered a hallmark of African governance. The expulsion of white farmers was a task that required the utmost vigilance and undying effort from this government. I will not sit idly knowing that Zimbabwean soil was being unjustly productive.

    The scourge of white-only agriculture was stifling a state destined for generation upon generation of equality and prosperity. As such it was imperative that I the honorably elected President implement measures to ameliorate this domestic crisis. An industry that conquered, divvied up, and rendered lucrative our arable lands was in need of immediate reform. It was an industry rife with discrimination. It is time that we force white farmers to play fair. The time to return their tractors and harvesters to rightful hands is now. At last, the state has stepped out of the market-driven darkness of pastoral tyranny. We can rest easy knowing our land is in proper hands. The crisis is nearing an end and I eagerly await what the future will hold.

  13. Back to the Stone Age.

  14. doing this to be fair?

    fair would be Mugabe being hung up and crucified until dead then his body burnt just like he did to my father in 1979 for having the audacity to support an independent Rhodesia.

    or gang raped until he bled to death like my mother and 10 year old sister.

    that is the only way this could be fair.

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