Mugabe a ‘fountain of wisdom’ – Mphoko

NEWLY appointed Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko yesterday heaped praise on President Robert Mugabe describing him as a “fountain of wisdom” and composed a new slogan in his honour when he made a brief stopover in Gwanda.


Mphoko, who was on his way to see a banana plantation owned by a white commercial farmer in Makhado, was met by Matabeleland South Provincial Affairs minister, Abedinico Ncube, government heads of departments, as well as Zanu PF supporters at the Provincial Administrators’ offices.

“I will teach you a new slogan, liyasaziisiphalasolwazi – durarewisdom (do you know the fountain of wisdom), wisdom is the prerogative of age,” he waxed lyrical.

“You can be young and be intelligent, but you have no wisdom.But we have our leader President Robert Mugabe who is a fountain of wisdom, phambililedurarewisdom, phansilabangasifuniyo (forward with the fountain of wisdom and down with those who don’t want us.”

Mphoko said he was grateful to God and to Mugabe for his new appointment.

“I feel so challenged with my new duty as all of you have different problems, but if we work together we will achieve a lot,” he said.
Following the Zanu PF congress, there has been frenzied
bootlicking of both the President and the Vice President, as members sought to build alliances.

Mugabe has been the recipient of much fawning and each day party members are coming up with praises for the President, who turns 91 years old next month.

Mphoko said Matabeleland South is one of the richest provinces in the country endowed with precious minerals such as gold and diamonds that need to be fully utilised to enhance development in the region.

The Makhado farm, which Mphoko visited, has been under siege from neighbouring communities, who have in the past destroyed the perimeter fence and forced their cattle to feast on the bananas arguing the farmer was denying them access to dam water.

The villagers have reportedly been doing so under the instigation of senior political leaders from Beitbridge, who wanted to take over the farm and Mphoko’s visit to the farm yesterday was reportedly meant to solve the impasse amongst other things.

“We hear there is a white farmer there, who is into banana planting and we want to go there and find out how he is doing it so that we can get some knowledge and do similar projects elsewhere,” he said.
Ironically, some Zanu PF members were purged for allegedly defending white farmers.

Provincial affairs minister, Ncube, described Mphoko as a prominent businessman, a humble man and a revolutionary, who worked in Zipra’s high command alongside Alfred Nikita Mangena, Jason Ziyaphapha Moyo, Ambrose Mutinhiri and Josiah Magama Tongogara.

He said after independence Mphoko worked in government in the security department before being posted to diplomatic missions in Botswana, Moscow and South Africa.

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  1. So 2015 opens with another act of unashamed butt licking from a Matibili disciple? God help us! Stupid guy, Perekedza Mboko.

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  2. Frenzied Bootlicking Fawning

    Oh thy great Matibili, the chief weevil of Zimbwandaland, destroyer of many famous gamatoxes, the one and only Lord Cremora of Gushungo Castle, venerated spouse of the great Lady Stop It of Fake Phd College, 91 year old father of fat and stupid Chatunga, tell all these bootlickers to eff off….

  3. Oh Lord Cremora, destroyer of many gamatoxes….

  4. I hope Mphoko is being misquoted in these articles if not “then he is one of them”. Those people simply singing for their supper with nothing to offer. Surely Ian Smith should be smiling in his grave. Smith’s economy was stronger ,his curency the strongest in the region despite facing a war and sanctions and now Mphoko things Mugabe is a “fountain of wisdom” after leading his countrymen deeper into poverty without even a currency of their own. Lo uphambene

  5. All of us here at Mazowe Orphanage wish the Great God Gabriel Matibili of Gushungo Castle another good gamatox free year. We implore you Lord Gabriel to clear the remaining gamatoxes by 21st February, then we have a big party. Thanks, mdhara..

    1. But in the meantime I introduce to you the acting first lady!! Gagagagah

  6. I wonder who will win the Gushungo Prize for bootlicker of the year, this year? Clearly, Mboko, Chidarikire and that Grade 2 Hurungwe MP Mahoka are clear front runners. With Webster Shamu disqualified for being gamatoxic it’s clearly anybody’s game this year. Good luck to all the candidates.

  7. Mugabe is not a fountain of wisdom. He is a cruel dictator who has admitted that he cheated his way to power. It’s wrong to praise despots. It’s difficult for us ordinary people to support a VP who is clearly out of order.

  8. For our supper we shall always give praises to Matibili. New slogan for new VPs!!!

  9. Righteous Justice

    What wisdom? Is this man blind? Look at Zimbabwe and what do you see? Does wisdom do that? we are a broken down, destroyed, suffering, reeling, oppressed nation. These guys are pathetic. If they started seeing and telling the truth for once we may begin to inch forward.

  10. I thought some are being haunted by praising NGWENA. Iyaaaaa zveee.

  11. Well me thinks Mphoko is not a fool, he like other Zpf supporters knows which side of his bread is buttered. No one ever serves at Mugabe’s pleasure and remains a virgin in so far as praise singing is concerned. one of the deliverables that Mugabe requires from his Ministers is praise, praise and more therefore Mphoko can’t be too removed from that cardinal.

  12. @ safa ngograce. For the majority of us Zimbabweans we say bring back Smith or Muzorewa into power. White minority rule is a small price to pay for the shit we now find ourselves in under Mugabe and this Mboko fellow.

  13. Zim is nw colonised by zanu. end of story.

  14. Mugabe is void of wisdom. To say he has it is either being sarcastic or very unfeeling. How can one who has caused suffering to people of his country be called wise.
    As I see it Mugabe is a man who is after ruling just like the colonialist. At least the colonialist left a legacy in the economy and education sector, Mugabe just gave us a legacy of poverty and reduced Zimbos to Vendors and beggers.

  15. Wisdom yacho iripapi zvizvarwa zvezimbabwe zvichitambura seizvi?Saka wisdom yacho haibatsiri.

  16. He is wise indeed.He is on holiday financed by a poor foolish nation.Love thy Leader and starve.He cannot stay for holidays in a country with smelling streets otherwise his being a CHEF cannot be noticed.Where would he enjoy a LIMO drive in this filthy country he has created with all the potholes and human waste in the streets?This is a country for wild life and studies on the human species behaviour, He will be back as soon as he misses wildlife and praises, if you bad mouth him you will be a goner.

  17. Who has time to bad mouth RGM? The greatest commander and Most Intelligent Chancellor, Professor of Economics and Printer of Dollars, Minter of Bond Coins and Master producer of Inflation, The Zim Dollar destroyer and unchallenged leader! Hail the Prince, Forever young! Issuer of Doctorates……….Chairmam of Sadc and AU!. Wisdom par excellence.

    1. Thats it Amen

      1. Yes that is it? To survive under Mugabe there is nothing else to do except to asslick!

    2. Hey Phaphamani, you are the perfect replacement for Webster (Cremora) Shamu. The ZANU PF high table is waiting for you!

      1. Tsapi, how did you fail to pick up Pha’s sarcasm? Wakadhakwawo iwe.

    3. kkkkkk aya….

  18. Guys to be honest if Mugabe was to appoint me as a VP or even just a minister in these hard times, l would lick his boots cleaner than brand new

    1. Nearer the truth thou art!

  19. Now there was Muchowe with indigenisation nonsense and now Mphoko with fountain of wisdom shit then not to be outdone the Gang of Four? What is next in the Mugabe circus?

  20. Perekedza Mboko

    Iyi ndoMBOKO.

  21. Surely, totallly destroying a once thriving economy and envy of many countries and turning the country into a basket case and laughing stock must surely need some sort of wisdom that only Mugabe has.

    1. Mphoko uri zimbolo, shimboyo, kambogo. Katuji kenhata yehule rine kapeche mukongo rematinginji. Une zifonyo leshono.

  22. Mr Mphoko here is what the Longman dictionary says about wisdom: wis‧dom
    /ˈwɪzdəm/ noun [U]
    1) good sense and judgment, based especially on your experience of life
    a man of great wisdom
    question/doubt the wisdom of (doing) something
    Local people are questioning the wisdom of spending so much money on a new road.
    You can always expect a few words of wisdom from Dave.
    →pearls of wisdom at PEARL(3)
    2) knowledge gained over a long period of time through learning or experience
    the collected wisdom of many centuries
    3) (the) conventional/received/traditional etc wisdom a belief or opinion that most people have
    The conventional wisdom is that boys mature more slowly than girls.
    4) in somebody’s (infinite) wisdom (humorous) used to say that you do not understand why someone has decided to do something
    The boss, in her infinite wisdom, has decided to reorganize the whole office yet again.

    Tell me Mr Mphoko if any of the definitions can be used to describe Mugabe if the state of the nation is used as a measure. I think you and you minions know that Mugabe is the worst ever leader to grace our nation!

  23. This is to be expected from Mphoko who is tap dancing in praises like a little house girl to the master’s music. The VP is daydreaming because how can a senile old man with full blown dementia be full of wisdom. Instead Mphoko should be thanking President Mugabe whose jealous rage and vitriol ousted Mujuru while her senile husband was sleeping in a motorcade. Otherwise someone else who have been appointed 2nd VP. Mpoko should also be aware that it is Grace’s hot flashes from menopause but not the elniue keeping Zimbabwe news hot.

  24. With Mugabe’s wisdom, Mboko what has Matebeleland North as rich as you say has to show of that?


    Yeah a fountain of wisdom indeed how impressive ! Yeah right Gukurahunde was a master stroke (shaking my head)…2015 has released foolishness and the most melancholic degree of but licking one could ever anticipate…

  26. With that line of thinking, it’s clear why our country is deteriorating. May be he needs to indicate how Mugabe can be called wise as most of us do not see it.

  27. please mr mpoko do not further insult Zimbos

  28. Mpoko, be a fountain, not a drain.

  29. Grace’s hot flashes… Kikikikikikikikikikikik

  30. True… Chipoko is an idiot.

  31. Jabulani Sibanda

    The President is wise. All his moves are inteligent master strokes and of course he forgives sinners

  32. Die you old fart Mugabe… just die!!

    1. Handife mufana nokuti ndine gona. Ndakachererwa muti kuChipinge. Gumbo naMujuru vaida kundiwuraya and I fired them. Ukaramba uchiti ndife iwe ndinokugadzira neCIO. Ndakumaka mufana ndichakuwana. Ini handiite ngozi ndakagadzirisa musha. Yanetsa ndiyo isingamire. At times my wife unondipa musuro yosumuka asi yovata ndakapfekera. Manako mazuvano kwangove kudya uchitsenga nekunwa, kuita weti nekusura chete.

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