Pictures: Grace Mugabe evicts villagers

Zimbabwe police on Wednesday tore down dozens of village houses at Manzou Farm in Mazowe in a move to force the villagers off the farm to reportedly pave way for the conversion of the vast farmland into First Lady Grace Mugabe’s private wildlife sanctuary.

Six truckloads of armed police were reportedly deployed to the farm.

The police, according to reports, ordered the villagers to immediately take out their belongings from the houses targeted for destruction.

By Everson Mushava

Pictures by Shepherd Tozvireva

In some cases where the villagers were not at home, police officers forced their way in and threw property out before pulling down the structures.

Hopeless villagers sit besides a destroyed hut at Manzou farm in Mazowe
Hopeless villagers sit besides a razed hut at Manzou farm in Mazowe
A girl prepares food in the open for her evicted family
A girl prepares food in the open for her evicted family
Pondering on the next move-villagers sit on a log as they look at their dumped property.
Pondering on the next move-villagers sit on a log as they look at their dumped property.
What is left of what was once shelter as villagers have their homes destroyed
What is left of what was once a home as villagers have their homes destroyed
Police ordering villagers to vacate their houses.
Police ordering villagers to vacate their homes.
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  1. And you say Grace is not in charge!! Even remotely she is in control….overzealous people who want to please the first bitch.
    ”Chef when you were away we made this farm available for you, specially for you, your Highness, the One and Only one, Godly given, full of wisdom, courage etc etc etc after getting rid of this Chasi thing so please can you give us some good deal in your corrupt establishment, your corrupt country, whilst your ailing darling is snoozing, he knows f*** all about what is going on, please Dr G????
    Yours truly with fake love
    ZANU PF Cadres

  2. This is painful,Does president Mugabe really know that such things are happening ? And why wait untill they have tilled the land?

  3. God have mercy with these rains that have been pouring then you imagine someone sleeping outside in cold. One day is one day. Mwari havakotsire God never goes to sleep. May God Almighty keep them as it is said ” This too shall pass”

  4. This is very painful! Why wait until rainy season? So what is independence, what did people really fight for Mr. and Mrs. Mugabe? To give you everything, all you want, anywhere, anytime? These people may be wrongly settled but it’s only a symptom of a myriad of problems. Why is our leadership so heartless – using state machinery to torment helpless people like this? Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I guess in our constitution there is a clause that reads: “People shall be resettled at the President’s pleasure”. One day…

  5. Personally i don’t sympathize with these people who always sing praises for dear leader and are ready to take a life if you criticize the ZANU PF regime and it’s failure to uphold the rule of law. If you live by the sword you die by the sword and lawlessness begets lawlessness. If only we all advocate for a proper system of constitutional democracy we wouldn’t be seeing such things happening in our motherland for I tell you these peasants at one moment were smiling whilst destroying and evicting the previous owners not knowing that there is no security of tenure when property is obtained illegally . Now the tides are being turned against them

    1. The way the Mazoe and Bindura people danced when evicting the previous land owners, I can’t believe its happening to them.

  6. Why should these evacuations be done during this rainy season why put the young and the defenceless in the open during this rainy season then because of this careless and arrogant behavior then God’s judgement is going to be swift did you not hear when He said I am God to the widow the fatherless to the poor and to those without shelter hooo

    1. Indeed He is. Even to those commercial farmers whom they forcefully removed not without violence.

  7. Real chaos is coming when dear leader leaves office without anointing a successor. The country has no proper systems for governance without a dictator in charge. Just as it happened in Iraq and Libya we shall pay for allowing our country to go this far without systems of governance. War lords will grab land willy nilly and journalists will rot in jail while poor citizens will lose homes and field and wives and cattle. Basopo mufana uzalima!!!

  8. the people oted for her husband some of them were delegates at the zanu congress , they are fine with it

  9. this is reckless. If police officers handled criminal cases with the same zeal surely Zimbabwe will by now be a crime free country. God help your people .

  10. every dog has its own day i presume the pain afflicted to all those souls will live to torment the uncaring mummy _

  11. Vanhu ivava ndivo vaiita basa rekurova vanhu vanga vasingasuppote party. Ngavabviswe vanaiwe next time vanoziva who to support. Ndivo vakati mujuru imbavha vanhu ivavava. Saka ngavanaiwe kuti vanyatsoona mamiriro ekunze. This is zimbabwe my friend. Dog eat dog

  12. Honestly these pics do not strike me as forceful evictions. I think we need more evidence and facts.

  13. you reap what you sow………..this action of her highness should be no surprise to anyone, including the new evictees, nor should be seen as wrong/immoral, since this is exactly what these evictees have done in the past, if it was right then, what makes it wrong today? They previously ignored: “Thou shalt not steal and thou shalt not covet”, now they reap what they sowed.

  14. Nhai Lawrence,poris iyo hausi kuiona. Clearly the presence of police suggests that its forceful. Otherwise if the people were cooperating 100% then dai vatuma kana kamwana kuti udza ma villagers abve. On another note …..its karma for them. Zanu iyi ka

  15. Vakachengeta membwe dzavo kumba kuBorowdale dzorumwa nembwa dze povo. Ngavatore purazi kusingasviki imbwa, mhembwe dzirarame. Imwi vanhu munebasa rei?

  16. The farm in question has long been a private wildlife sanctuary. There is democracy and other things, ultimately it is God who choose our leaders. Everything happening in our country is according to God’s plans. Inga mese muno enda kuma chechi, verengai mabhaibheri. “Mukadzi mubatsiri akakukwanira”; regai Mai vabatsire baba kutonga.
    Nothing wrong here evict 200 families employ 2000, that is progress.

  17. Iwe sumbu 2 thousand vapi vanowana mabasa. Aiwa taneta sai nerimwe zuva …………


    Feel MAZOWE ORANGE CRUSH…. hanty ndozvamaitaura here , its now crushing its own people…

  19. My heart goes for those innocent children. Out of school and without shelter while others are in the far west.

  20. Grace is here, feel her…

  21. Why does the headline say Grace Mugabe alone as if she is a single mother, a widow or divorcee? Its Robert and Grace Mugabe who are responsible. Stop exonerating that old donkey, making him appear innocent and uninvolved! nxa!

  22. Ndihwo upenyu hwacho nhasi wanzi enda unotora purazi mangwana uvhote .mangwana rova vanhu .Then rova vanhu vegamatox.Then chinwa mazoe the ibva mumba matakakupa unorara murukova .then vhota.Chifa necholera

  23. That is 200 more shonas in southAfrica, its an infestation 🙁

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