Fly Africa to increase regional routes

ZIMBABWEAN low-cost airline Fly Africa says it will introduce 11 regional routes this year as part of the airline’s expansion programme.


The local airline which began operations last year plans to expand its wings across the region with the introduction of additional regional routes.

The targeted routes include Harare-Lusaka, Harare-Dar es Salaam, Harare-Lubumbashi, Johannesburg-Windhoek, Victoria Falls-Kilimanjaro and Victoria Falls-Cape Town, among others.

Fly Africa country manager Mati Karase said the introduction of the new routes is part of the airline’s expansion programme and its vision of improving air connectivity within the region.

According to the firm, the second Boeing 737 500 aircraft has been registered with the local authority while the third aircraft will be registered by mid-February.

Meanwhile, the airline has set a target of 65% average load factor for 2015 after registering a 55% load factor in 2014.



  1. Ndeyemukwasha wa Matibili, iyo Fly Africa. Murume wa Bona Matibili.

  2. its not low cost. these guys are more expensive than Air Zhimbabwe!

    1. Taura hako. I thought ndini ndega ndakazvionawo

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  3. Gonyeramufuftidzwaembwa!

  4. Mashoko Makukutu

    Editor. Please may we be provided with complete reporting. Fly Africa to increase regional routes. Thank you for telling us the proposed expansion routes. What are the current routes that they will be expanding from? They are low-cost, right? What are the current fares and envisaged fares for the new routes? Much appreciated.

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