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Does ZRP have to get signals from Mugabe?


THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), as a State institution, must not be seen to be playing political games.
As an organisation established to serve all Zimbabweans and non-Zimbabweans on Zimbabwean territory, it should not be prompted into action by politicians, but by the highest standards of professionalism.
The ZRP Service Charter cannot be clearer and bettered. It reads as follows:
“We (ZRP) are committed to providing:
The most effective and efficient service;
Professionalism in our dealings with the public;
Accountability and transparency in our operations; and
Diligency and courtesy in the discharge of our duties.”
It should be guided by its motto — which reads “Honesty and Integrity is Our Motto” — and nothing else, including resolutions made at the Zanu PF congress earlier this month.
Speaking at the last passout for the year at Morris Depot in Harare last week, Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri said the ZRP would heed President Robert Mugabe’s calls that corrupt people should be brought to book if the evidence was provided. Without mentioning names, Chihuri said police would not be deterred in their efforts to arrest anyone implicated in corruption.
“Let me assure the nation that the Zimbabwe Republic Police shall leave no stone unturned in bringing all perpetrators of corruption to book,” he said. “This stance is in line with the organisation’s constitutional mandate and, more importantly, with His Excellency the President of Zimbabwe’s sentiments during the official opening of the 6th Zanu PF national people’s congress.”
With or without Mugabe, the ZRP should carry out its mandate without fear or favour. It has the powers to initiate investigations and arrest anyone, including Mugabe himself, because constitutionally we are all equal before the law, no one is above the law. Furthermore, like everyone else, Mugabe can be subjected to scrutiny. The assumption that whatever Mugabe says goes is wrong at law.
So, couching Mugabe’s sentiments in terms like “more importantly” vis-a-vis the Constitution is wrong and shocking when Mugabe himself is subject to the very same Constitution.
So, if they are as professional as Chihuri claims, ZRP should exercise due professional detachment from politicians, especially in this country where self-serving is the culture among the top leadership.
Mugabe is very much a player, not above the fray. He has his own personal issues with fired former Vice-President Joice Mujuru and the ZRP should not be seen to being used by anyone — including the highest office in the land — to settle personal grudges.
Most of all, the ZRP must not bend to unlawful instructions from whatever quarter.
We are not asking too much of the ZRP, but the bare minimum upholding of professional ethics and standards.

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