Zimdancehall awards 2014 nominees out

ORGANISERS of the Zimdancehall Awards on Saturday released the names of the 2014 nominees and online voting via social networks Twitter and Facebook has already started.


At the inaugural awards that were held at Zimbabwe College of Music in the capital in March this year, Winky D emerged the biggest winner on the night, bagging four accolades out of five nominations.

This time, the Bhachi neJean singer is facing stiff competition from Mbare-based chanter Seh Calaz as the duo have been nominated in seven categories.
Both musicians will square off in the Best Male Artiste of the Year, Best Song of the Year, Best Social Song of the Year, Best Collaboration of the Year, Best Dressed Artist categories.

However, Winky D has been nominated in three categories, Best Vocalist of the Year, Achievement Award and Best Stage Performer categories which Seh Calaz has missed out.

Seh Calaz was nominated in the Most Outstanding Artiste of the Year category in which Winky D missed out as well.

Tocky Vibes has been nominated in five of the categories namely the Best Male Artiste of the Year, Most Outstanding Artiste of the Year, Best Song of the Year, Best Social Song of the Year and Best Video of the Year.

Below is the full list of nominees:

Most Outstanding Artiste of the Year:
Tocky Vibes
Seh Calaz
Soul Jah Love
Lady Squanda

Best Male Artiste of the Year
Winky D
Tocky Vibes
Seh Calaz
Killer T

Best Female Artiste of the Year
Lady Squanda
Bounty Lisa
Hazel Eyes
Best Song of the Year
Winky D — Paita Party
Seh Calaz — Hatimisike
Tocky Vibes — Mhai
Ras Caleb — Tokwe Mukosi
Shinsoman — Mama Devante

Best Social Song of the Year
Tocky Vibes — Mhai
Seh Calaz — Kwatinobva
Tocky Vibes — Simudza Maoko
Winky D — Fathers Day
Seh Calaz — Ndinochema
Best Collaboration of the Year
Shinsoman ft Yoz – Tasangana Zvidhakwa
Soul Jah Love ft Winky D — Magafa
Seh Calaz ft Knox — Baby Ndiwe
Kinnah ft Lady Squanda — Ndakambopera Tsoka
Tipsy ft Ras Pompy — Kusimbisa Mission

Most Promising Artiste of the Year
Jerry B
Ras Caleb

Best artist outside of Harare
Ras Caleb
Prince Bindura

Best stage performer
Dadza D
Winky D
Ricky Fire

Best Dressed Artiste
Winky D
Soul Jah Luv
Seh Calaz
King Shady

Best Video of the Year
Tocky Vibes — Simudza Maoko
Crystal — House Girl
Quonfused — Poto
Maffcat — Twekka
Soul Jah Love — Mwari Ndovatenda

Best Vocalist of the Year
Seh Calaz
Jay C

Riddim of the Year
One Clan
Body Slam
Mad Levels
Sun Shine
Red Button

Producer of the Year
Sunshine Family

Achievement Awards
Winky D

Promoter of the Year
Chipaz Promotions
Divine Assignments.

The event organisers must be well prepared if they are to avoid ugly scenes that characterised the inaugural awards ceremony that was marred by violence.
Dancehall has suddenly become the biggest movement on the Zimbabwean

showbiz scene, but the vice that it brings along have also been worrisome.

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